How to Do Quick, Easy, No-Mess Oil Changes–Using a Shop Vac!

Unlike cars, lawn mowers and wood chippers often have their drain plugs in inconvenient places. On both my riding mower and chipper, I’ve had to rig up DIY funneling devices out of plastic sheets to keep the draining oil from pouring all over the place. But YouTuber Chris Notap has come up with a cleaner, easier, faster method: Using his shop vac. I know it sounds crazy, but look at how simple and quick this is.

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With this method I wouldn’t need the funnel rigs, nor the drain pan, nor the step of funneling from the drain pan into the disposal bottle, nor even the wrench to unscrew the drain plug. The only slight hassle I could foresee is ensuring you’ve got the hose down to the bottom of the tank to drain every last drop. I’d probably mark the disposal bottle so that I knew when it was filled with the correct amount of waste oil.

Next I’d love to see Notap solve the problem of oil going everywhere when you remove the filter.

Source: core77

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