How to Make a Concrete Firepit With a 3D Printer

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There’s something charming about creating your own fire pit or fire ring with pre-cut blocks or natural stone:

But if you’re interested in something more designey, Ben Uyeda shows you how to create your own shapes by injecting some digital fabrication into the process. Uyeda CADs up his desired forms and 3D prints them, then creates a mold in which he can cast inexpensive concrete.

We give him extra points for leaving an initial mold mishap in the final cut, as that’s something we could totally see happening to a lot of people:

Also note that you don’t need a 3D printer to do this; as Uyeda points out, you can form or carve your own shapes out of whatever material you have handy, then make a mold from those. But if you do want to go the 3D-printed route, Uyeda’s made the 3D files available for free here.

Source: core77

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