How to Make a Custom Molded Leather Camera Holster, Fill Wood Voids with Molten Metal, Create a Domino Machine & More

Leather Camera Holster

This one’s pretty incredible. Jimmy DiResta shows you how to make a leather camera case, custom molded to fit your camera’s exact dimensions:

Wooden Domino Row Building Machine

This is hilarious: Matthias Wandel uses his engineering skills to create a machine that sets up dominoes in neat little rows!

Movable Firewood Shed

Matthias Wandel creates roofed sheds that he can load up with firewood, then move in their entirety with a front-end loader. On display are two signature Wandel qualities: Thrift (rusty nails and repurposed materials) and engineering (see how he figures out how to move the shed using a trio of handtrucks).

DIY Accurate Speed Square Saw Guide

Izzy Swan designs yet another useful DIY tool: An adjustable speed square than can be used to make accurate crosscuts, even at angles.

More Home Office Projects

Frank Howarth builds a French-cleat-mounted charging station and removeable toolboxes, then mounts a bookcase after turning some funky offset-foot legs:

Two Drawer Dovetail Box

Jay Bates somehow manages continue upping his skill level. Here he makes an impressively-crafted two-drawer box with fantastic joinery details:

Building a Kayak Rack

While not all of us have a need to store kayaks, you can adapt April Wilkerson’s design if you need to build sturdy cantilevered shelving:

Japanese Cedar Gate

WOW. The Samurai Carpenter executes a beautiful feat of woodworking with this traditional Japanese gate:

How to Make a Stepstool Toolbox

Bob Clagett designs on the fly, seeking to make something useful out of scrap in three hours or less:

The Cork Hook

I love this project. If you’ve ever accidentally corked a wine bottle, you know it’s impossible to fish the damn thing out. Well not anymore, thanks to La Fabrique DIY:

Record Storage Box

Vinyl lover Laura Kampf builds a record storage box:

How to Melt Metal into Wood Grain

Ben Uyeda experiments with filling voids in a wooden beam with molten metal:

How to Weld Hairpin-Style Steel Table Legs

Ben then welds up a set of legs to turn the beam into a table:

DIY Dining Table Made From Plywood

Chris Salomone creates a handsome, labor-intensive dining table made from layered plywood:

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