How to pack watercolour paintings for shipping

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This tutorial will show you how to pack your watercolour painting safely and securely for shipping.

The tools you’ll need are:

  • Sticky tape and scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Flat plastic sleeve
  • Envelope

The envelope

It’s best to get wider tape as they are easier to use and more effective. The clear tape is extremely sticky and difficult to remove. The matte tape is easier to peel off and remove. You can have both or just one.

Make sure to buy an envelope and flat plastic sleeve big enough for your watercolour painting.

My plastic sleeve was actually too big so I had to fold it. I’ve also taped it in a way to prevent the watercolour painting from moving.

It will be great if you can buy cardboard pieces that are similar in size to your watercolour painting.

If your cardboard pieces are too big, you can always cut them to size.

Make sure the cut cardboard pieces will fit into the envelope.

You can also use cardboard pieces from cardboard boxes from your online shopping. E.g. Amazon boxes.

I’ve placed cardboard on the front and back of the watercolour painting to prevent damage, e.g. from things hitting the envelope.

The sides are taped so that the plastic sleeve cannot move.

I’ve measured everything and cut according to size so the cardboard pieces can fit perfectly into the envelope.

My envelope was actually too big so I had to fold it.

Think of how you’re going to tape the envelope so that it’s easy for the person receiving to open.

The sides (holes) are then taped with strong clear tape but I left a small opening for a knife or paper cutter to go in.

Sending watercolour paintings in mailing tubes (cylindrical) or those triangular in shape can be another option. But watercolour paintings are difficult to send in those because watercolour paper is thick and difficult to roll properly without accidentally folding or damaging the paper. Even 200gsm paper is difficult to roll.


Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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