How to Restore a Truck's Torn, Trashed Seat

Kim Buckminster’s path as a craftsperson was shaped early: He was “introduced to needle and thread by my mother at age four,” he writes, “with many people influencing me in upholstery, arts, craftsmanship and education.” Today he runs Buckminster Upholstery, a Nebraska-based business that specializes in antique restoration and conservation. If you’ve got a Charles Limbert Arts and Crafts furniture piece circa 1900 that needs fixin’, Buckminster’s your guy.

Which is not to say he only takes on antique projects. In the video down at the bottom Buckminster shows you, step-by-step, how he restores a totally trashed seat bottom from a truck.

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It should be required watching for ID students during their shop training–how do you create a contoured foam shape from rectilinear pieces, what are some tricks you can use to double-check your pieces for symmetry, et cetera–and it’s satisfying to see how Buckminster arrives at the finished product:

Source: core77

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