How to Sign up for the Oct. 10-14 Chair Chat Class

Rudy and one of his Irish armchairs.

Today we are opening up the list for people who want to attend our Chair Chat™ class at the Lost Art Press storefront Oct. 10-14, 2022, with me, Rudy Everts and Klaus Skrudland.

The class is $1,300 per student (plus materials). The attendees will be determined by a random drawing on Wednesday, July 6. Here’s how you can sign up. Please read the following with care.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The class is for people who wish to build a vernacular stick chair. We’ve had several people ask us if they could take the class and instead build a ladderback, Hans Wegner chair, Windsor chair or other factory chair that involves bent laminations, steambending or factory methods.

The answer is, unfortunately, no. We don’t have the equipment, jigs or time to make one of these chairs. We would fail your expectations. We are equipped to make any stick chair (that we know of), as long as it’s vernacular.

To sign up for the drawing, send an email to: [email protected] before 3 p.m. (Eastern) on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. Please use the subject line of “Chair Chat Class” and include the following information (incomplete forms will be discarded).

Your name (first and last)

Your phone number (this is only to contact you in case email doesn’t go through)

One sentence about the chair you would like to build. (It can be as simple as “Welsh comb back” or “Irish armchair” or “whatever.”)

How you would like to build your chair. Choose one:

  1. Almost entirely by hand
  2. A balance of hand and machine methods
  3. Almost entirely by machine

This last detail is important as we need to get a mix of students so that people aren’t waiting in line to use the chopping block or the band saw.

Klaus at work on a chair leg.

Students will be allowed to bring their own materials. Or we can supply them for a fee (likely about $200 per chair). More details about the class and the instructors can be found here.

After the drawing occurs, don’t despair if you aren’t picked. We will keep your name handy in case students need to cancel (it happens). 

Klaus, Rudy and I are looking forward to this class and sharing everything we know about chairmaking, eating too much fried chicken and drinking just the right amount of beer. It will be a fun week.

— Christopher Schwarz


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