How to Survive Children with Cameras

Smart phones are so smart that a two-year-old can learn to use one in no time at all. And they do. If you’ve had children in your home in the last 15 or so years, you probably have some pictures of yourself that you would never share, but you keep them because your child took them. One of the women in Kira Cook’s online mother’s group shared one to lighten the mood during the pandemic, and then others followed. It’s heartening to know others have the same experience. The photos are not flattering, but they give us a glimpse into what real life looks like and how children see it. They don’t care that mommy doesn’t want to have her double chin or droopy morning eyes recorded; they love mommy and think a picture should be taken.

Sharing such pictures brings out the humanity we all share. Life is messy, and kids don’t care. Read about how liberating it feels for mothers to know that they are far from alone in their less-than-photogenic moments at Romper. -via Kottke

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Source: neatorama

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