How to Thwart an Armed Robot

You may have seen the “robot gun dog” on the internet in the last few days. Ghost Robotics, a company that makes quadruped robots for the military, attached a “special purpose unmanned rifle” to the robot to show off at an army conference last week. Its appearance is frightening, and so are your thoughts about what it can do.  

Crop scientist and industrial safety expert Dr. Sarah Taber is here to reassure you that there’s no need to fear the latest lethal robot just yet. In a Twitter thread, she explains the troubleshooting challenges that await any new technology, particularly if it is designed to be used outdoors or in any unfamiliar environment. Her knowledge comes from working with hi-tech farm equipment, which is designed by very smart robotics engineers who have never worked on a farm. Taber lays out a list of problems these robots will face, which she admits is far from a complete list.

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See the original thread with replies at Twitter or at Threadreader if you prefer. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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