hrafnhildur arnardóttir

Wow. In one month from today I will be in Venice… and I just found my first stop at the biennale! This is the Icelandic Pavilion, and the magical work of Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, aka Shoplifter. She has transformed a warehouse {Spazio Punch, on the island of Giudecca} into a soft, colorful, bizarre world titled “Chromo Sapiens”.

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“Working with both synthetic and natural hair her sculptures, wall murals and site-specific installations explore themes of vanity, self-image, fashion, beauty and popular myth. For Shoplifter hair is the ultimate thread that grows from our body. Hair is an original, creative fiber, a way for people to distinguish themselves as individuals, and often an art form. Humor plays a large role in her life and work, sometimes subtly, but at other times taking over.”

I will go there, I will sit in there, I may not come out of there. {Yes, that’s Hrafnhildur in the shot above, and I’m planning on striking the same pose when I’m in there … how could I not!?} Happy Friday.

Images by Elisabet Davidsdottir

Source: thejealouscurator

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