Huion Felt Pen Nibs PN05F (review)

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Sample nibs provided by Huion

Huion has released new felt pen nibs PN05F for the PW517 pen that comes with some of their pen displays and tablets. Huion may release new pens in the future so it’s always best to check their website for pen compatibility with these nibs.

These nibs are sold separately and do not come with the pen displays and tablets.

Price is US $9.99 for 10 nibs which is a very reasonable price.

Texture on the felt nibs definitely feels rougher compared to the plastic nib.

The pen is still sensitive and accurate, except now the tactile experience is more obvious. It feels very similar to drawing with a felt tip marker or multiliner on paper except there’s no wet ink. In short, the drawing experience is excellent with these felt nibs.

If you have the Huion PW517 pen, this is a must-buy.

5 out 5 stars.

You can find the Huion felt nib on Huion’s webstore.



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