HumanX Branding by Tiny Giants Co

This brand identity created by Tiny Giants Co for Australian HR-consulting firm HumanX is keeping it human.

By centering their work around human beings, HumanX is quickly changing how people view Human Resources Consulting. As a team that loves celebrating creativity, Tiny Giants Co knew we would be perfect partners to collaborate with.

The team over at HumanX came to the studio looking for help in defining their new brand. In a nutshell, they desired a personality-driven brand without compromising on professionalism and experience. Please read more below or take a look at the website of Tiny Giants Co to get further information.

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HumanX branding by Tiny Giants Co
HumanX branding by Tiny Giants Co

Tiny Giants Co narrowly focused on creating a responsive brand that expresses the unmistakable personality of the company while maintaining a strong yet minimal foundation. This would allow them to more easily navigate the sensitive spaces of human resource consulting. For this effort, the designers created custom logotypes and logomarks with an abundance of visual assets and images. They all centered around an exciting but confident color palette which the team of HumanX instantly fell in love with.

All images © by Tiny Giants Co. If you’re in need of some inspiration, WE AND THE COLOR has a range of Graphic Design and Branding projects for you to explore.

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