Husband Ignores Family Emergency To Take A Nap, Tries To Put All The Blame On His Wife

A large part of being an adult is about learning to manage your time. As we grow up, we generally tend to have more responsibilities. Meanwhile, the sheer number of things we have to do can make us exhausted. That means that we have to adapt and set aside at least some hobbies that we used to love or learn to fit them better into our busy schedules. Playing video games all night when you’ve got a job and a family becomes harder to do.

However, one particular dad still prioritizes his entertainment, at the cost of his relationship with his wife and kids. He plays video games at night, goes to work, comes back dead tired, and demands that his family leave him alone for 2 whole hours while he naps. He even locks the bedroom door.

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Even though we’re huge supporters of short siestas, in this particular case, the napping is obviously out of control. And the entire situation came to a head when a massive family emergency happened at home while the husband was napping. Scroll down for the full story, dear Pandas. Just one note of warning—the story is incredibly infuriating and reeks of injustice. The mods behind the AITA subreddit had to lock the thread because of how some people expressed their outrage.

A woman shared how she got into a massive argument with her husband over video games and napping

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She shared how her partner came to ignore a family emergency that was happening right at home

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Most redditors were appalled by the fact that the dad kept napping through the entire family emergency after his toddler son got hot oil spilled on his hand.

But, if possible, probably the worst part was the fallout that came later. The dad was angry that nobody told him that they went to the hospital. He then tried to push all the blame on his wife for not supervising their son. She finally had enough and removed the lock from the bedroom door. What do you think of the entire drama, dear Pandas? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Whether you’re sitting in front of a computer or console, pretending to be a couch potato in front of the television, or scrolling through endless cat pics on your phone, you’re still spending your time in front of a screen. In moderation, these activities are great. But moderation is difficult to find when entertainment is so easily accessible.

A while back, Bored Panda spoke about not letting our interests consume us with psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers. He spoke to us at length about the line between enjoying TV and having our lives run by it.

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“Watching the latest shows isn’t a bad thing, entertainment can be a great way to relax, often starts great conversations and helps us to explore ourselves in the context of others. It is worth remembering that some TV as an addition to a modern well-lived life is a net positive,” he said.

“But as soon as it starts to invade your sleep, impact what you eat, and how much you move your body, it starts subtracting from the fundamentals that keep us in an optimal place as human beings,” Lee stressed to Bored Panda how to recognize when we should start getting worried.

“A lack of sleep compounds in a variety of negative ways, and we are well aware of the challenges we face as a society around eating and movement. We also need to consider the mental and psychological benefits of watching some TV and taking ownership; being in control of what you watch is a great place to be, so ensure you are the master of the TV and don’t let the TV become the master of you,” he told us.

“If you notice yourself starting to delay your sleep, take shortcuts socializing, eating, or keeping fit to keep your TV company, or feel like it’s in control of you, it’s time to take a step back and build a routine that you can control while still enjoying your favorite shows in moderation. It can even be a lot of fun to take it more slowly and build up excitement and anticipation for the next episode!”

People were horrified by what happened and had some very strong opinions. Here’s what some redditors thought

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