Husband Tells Wife To Work Overtime If She Won’t Eat Cheap Deer Meat, Drama Ensues

The increasing price of food affects families in many ways, so it’s no wonder that some look for sources of cheaper protein. If you live in a rural area, you might even be able to hunt some meat for yourself, but sometimes not everyone in your household is a fan.

A man wondered if he was wrong to snap at his wife for making it hard to serve venison at home. He would hunt deer for a cheap source of protein, but his wife would keep calling the venison dishes “Bambi.” We reached out to the husband in the story via private message and will update the article when he gets back to us.

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Hunting your own meat is a cheaper alternative than grocery stores these days

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But one man was annoyed that his wife made their kids dislike the venison he provided

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Many eating habits are developed during childhood

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While most of us do not eat “wild” meat on a daily basis, it’s worth remembering that it was one of the more common sources of protein for much of human history. Even when humans made the switch from being hunter-gatherers to farmers, people continued to hunt regularly. This is not to say that one shouldn’t have preferences and it’s entirely possible to not like the taste of venison.

But, as the husband states, his family is perfectly fine with it, as long as they don’t know what they are eating. While his outburst was perhaps a bit excessive, being a picky eater on a budget is unnecessarily difficult. Everyone has their own dishes they dislike, but, by and large, being a picky eater is a learned behavior.

This is one reason why his wife should at least try and keep her issues to herself. In most cases of people becoming particularly picky, the culprit are habits developed during childhood. Often it’s simply a lack of exposure to other dishes, textures and flavors, but sometimes it’s also reinforced by a parental figure expressing disgust.

There are also health reasons to be careful about what you eat

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Setting aside the costs, picky eating doesn’t just limit someone’s culinary options, it can often lead to nutritional disbalances. Even in this story, the husband and father is concerned about getting a good source of protein. This is important for everyone, but particularly for a growing child.

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It’s entirely possible that a person can have issues with certain foods for other psychological reasons. Trauma, a dislike for certain smells and textures can also play a role in being a selective eater. But, in this particular story, it’s pretty clear that the mother’s actions play a significant role in influencing the kid’s eating preferences. In general, as much as picky eaters might disagree, it’s something that is best to overcome.

There is no need to be aggressive towards your partner

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However, as many commenters note, the real issue isn’t so much the picky eating, but the husband’s reaction. While in principle, he might be right, snapping at your partner is a bad idea. Doing it in front of the kids is just as bad. Both the husband’s words about getting a second job and his desire to hunt for meat indicate that money is a touchy subject.

However, for any relationship to last, both members need to be able to openly and honestly discuss everything. This includes finances. No matter how rich you might be, figuring out spending habits can make or break your relationship. This, more than the “picky eating” seems to be the crux of this conflict.

Ultimately, the wife should truly evaluate the situation. Being a picky eater isn’t a moral stance, in this case, it could literally cost the family money. If she has such a strong preference, she needs to take steps to provide meat she eats. On the other hand, the husband should also be more understanding in situations like this. Snapping at your partner, even when you feel you are right, is counterproductive and just prevents honest discussions.

Naturally, some readers wanted more details

Many sided with the husband

While others thought the situation was more complicated

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