Husqvarna's Crazy "Backpack Chainsaw"

Wielding a chainsaw can be tiring. Getting tired leads to accidents, so I call it quits as soon as I start to feel fatigued. That’s a luxury I can afford because I’m harvesting firewood on a relaxed schedule, not performing silviculture for a living. I admire the professional arborist that can wield a chainsaw all day long.

For the arborist involved in thinning operations, Husqvarna has invented a special chainsaw to make things easier.

By breaking the tool up into its constituent components, the 535FBx “Backpack Chainsaw” distributes the machine’s weight in an intelligent way while increasing reach and reducing operator fatigue:

Once the tank is empty, obviously the operator would need to wriggle out of the harness to refill it. So my suggestion: Add dual gas tanks to the helmet, like those baseball hats that hold beer. When the operator bits down on a tube, gas flows through another tube and into a machine. I know, I’m brilliant!

Source: core77

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