Hypercar Company McLaren Designs a Pricey Pair of Sneakers

McLaren’s designers have turned their attention from wheels to kicks.

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The hypercar company has partnered with footwear and apparel brand Athletic Propulsion Labs to produce the APL McLaren HySpeed, a pricey $450 pair of sneakers with performance claims that sound like an awful lot of marketing bluster. Examples:

“1 . ADVANCED FITMENT SYSTEM. The internal advanced fitment system comprised of a 3-piece cushion heel padding is directly inspired by McLaren’s Senna seats and provides a soft, secure ride.”

“2. MICROFIBER HEEL. The microfiber heel features extended wings connecting directly to the eyerow, which works in conjunction with the external molded counter to help lock your feet in place for strenuous workouts.”

“3. TECHLOOM UPPER. The non-stretch TechLoom upper with integrated areas of super yarn increases tensile strength in high-stress zones.”

“4. NITROGEN INFUSED MIDSOLE. Newly developed nitrogen infused midsole compound engineered for supreme responsiveness.”

“5. V-WEAVE CARBON FIBER. The directional V-weave carbon fiber plate promotes forward movement while adding energy return with every stride.”

“6. SEGMENTED MIDSOLE. Segmented midsole construction with APL FutureFoam pods for energy rich compression.”

Hype aside, they’re not a bad-looking pair of kicks, and some of the colorways look great. Are they $450-worth of great? Perhaps I’m just salty that I’ll never know the sensation of wearing one of these and pressing down on the accelerator of a 720S.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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