Hyperrealistic Murals By Russian Artist Danila Shmelev aka Shozy

This talented street artist creates stunning and hyperrealistic artworks/optical illusions that capture the viewer’s imagination and attention. Danila Shmelev aka Shozy was born and raised in Moscow. Shozy spent four years at the Moscow Institute of Art & Industrial (MHIP), and developed his unique style of street art– hyperrealistic graffiti art. 

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The photo above of large hands that seem to tear through plastic foil is part of the artist’s ‘plastic series,’ which originated from his canvas works. The artworks in this series portray canvases wrapped in a protective film that have been torn in various places and are executed in a continuum of dark greys to achieve a plastic effect that trick the viewer’s eyes. Check out more of his amazing art below! 

Image credit: Shozy via Oddity Central

Source: neatorama

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