Hyundai Releases Teaser Renderings of Forthcoming Pickup Truck

Hyundai has released renderings of the pickup truck they’re preparing to launch. Because they’re a bit shadowy, I pumped up the levels a bit, though it doesn’t give away much more:

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At first glance I’m disappointed with the Subaru-BRAT-looking box size, but I can’t tell how much that C-pillar is hiding. It’s also possible they’ve done something funky back there like Bollinger did, where there may be a pass-through that effectively extends the bed into the cabin; in the press release they boast of “Open-bed flexibility coupled with closed-cabin security,” whatever that might mean.

As the company has been moving steadily upmarket, I suppose it was too much to hope that they’d produce a work truck; indeed they’re referring to it as an “adventure vehicle [that] shatters both SUV and truck segments, creating an entirely new vehicle category.”

Hyperbole aside, I’m admittedly highly curious to witness the formal unveiling, scheduled for next month. In the meantime–any guesses as to what the “multi-utility, secure open bed [that] provides diverse gear-carrying flexibility” actually does?

Source: core77

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