Hyundai's Walking Car Concept

Back when I was driving an ambulance, we got a call that a big rig had crashed on a nearby highway. Arriving on site, we saw tire marks going off of the road, then disappearing over an embankment. The driver had driven off the edge and tipped the vehicle over; the entire eighteen-wheeler lay on its side in a valley at the bottom of the slope. It was too steep to get the ambulance down there. The driver was a big fellow, and after the (considerably difficult) task of extricating him from the cab, we had to strap him to the spinal board and muscle him up the slope. We surmised he had internal injuries and, obviously, if we dropped him it would’ve been disastrous.

That’s why an anime-style vehicle with legs doesn’t sound crazy to me, but very useful.

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As with Toyota and Honda, Hyundai is now viewing themselves as a mobility company rather than a car company. To that end they’ve designed this Elevate UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle) concept that can both drive and walk over uneven terrain:

Source: core77

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