I Faked Being Engaged for the Discounts

Brides-to-be get discounts? Who knew? But it’s true. While weddings are getting outrageously expensive, there are some perks that go along with the ordeal. Lisa Ryan noticed a discount offered for brides at a gym, so she bought a cheap ring and built a quick wedding page online. She soon learned about other discounts, and enjoyed the best of both worlds -the perks of being a bride without the actual wedding costs.  

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First, the discounts. There are so many discounts for brides. There are discounted spa packages; there are discounts and free gifts just for signing up for wedding registries at certain stores (for instance, Crate & Barrel gives you free stemless wineglasses in an embroidered linen bag, while Bloomingdale’s gives you 20 percent off of a ton of items, including clothes and jewelry). There are also countless exercise classes, from spin classes to boot camps, and barre classes. I emailed my go-to barre studio, and told them I was getting married and that I wanted to sign up for their bridal package. They immediately knocked off about $100 from my membership for three months, and the next day I was tucking and lunging my way to a fake bridal body.

But Ryan was also impressed by how nice and friendly people became, as the process she was thought to be going through has been shared by so many. Read the account of her fake engagement at The Cut. -via Digg

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