“I Make Sure He Knows It Costs Me Nothing”: Woman Gets Split Opinions When She Shares Her Revenge Story Towards Her Husband

A separation or divorce is never a good time, but fortunate are those whose splits end more or less amicably (or at least cleanly). If the two sides don’t see eye to eye, things can be messy. In one woman’s case, however, she claims to have turned things around and have gotten revenge on a husband who had unilaterally initiated their separation.

We’ll leave the woman to share her story in her own words, but we will point one thing out. Some commenters under her story weren’t so sure that she had enacted her revenge at all, Instead, they believe that the husband wound up receiving the better end of the deal anyway. Who did you think came out of this situation better prepared to heal and move forward?

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If one partner decides that it’s over and the other doesn’t agree, the resulting fallout can be painful for everyone involved

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One woman shared the story of how she turned a separation that her husband initiated to her advantage

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Relationships can be complicated, and so is figuring out who’s in the right in this story

What’s curious about this story and leaves it somewhat open-ended is that we don’t get to hear why the author’s husband wanted to separate from her. Without that detail, we cannot rule out that his goal was simply an amicable split after his love had faded. While revenge wouldn’t necessarily be wrong in such a case, it may not be as justified as a situation in which the husband had acted unjustly towards his wife.

As some commenters have pointed out – more than anything, the story emphasizes the bizarre state of medical insurance in the US. A couple that would probably be best off cleanly divorced is now stitched together by the thread of barely-affordable health insurance prices. How would this situation be different in a country where insurance is affordable or state-funded?

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We often make much of the fact that in the US, the divorce rate is at about 50%. It is a sobering and saddening thought that 50% of unions end up broken. However, there are some considerations that hide behind this number. There are many divorces where divorce is a far better outcome rather than an ongoing tortuous relationship in which both partners prevent one another from being happy. It’s important to appreciate that marriages and relationships require emotional and mental work from both parties, but we also need to know when to let go.

Rather than taking divorce stats as a reason not to get married, they can also be viewed as a reason not to take your marriage lightly. A relationship needs time, and the people in it need to be emotionally mature, for everyone involved to really understand whether they are actually right for one another in the long run. And even then – people change. If someone you marry becomes incompatible, then the split-up may be painful, but what are we to make of the beautiful years enjoyed together up until that moment? Hopefully, they were worth it!

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Some commenters even offered legal advice to ensure that her revenge was watertight

Many people applauded her petty revenge and supported her decision

Some people, however, weren’t so sure that what she had done was revenge at all. Did her separated husband get the better end of the deal?

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