I Took That to Be a Bad Sign

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It certainly was windy in Kentucky on Friday. Redditor ThirstGoblin was driving from Huntsville, Alabama, to Toledo, Ohio, with his fiancée and stopped at in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to get something to eat. Oddly, Bowling Green is one of those rare towns that has both Kystal and White Castle outlets. He first went to Krystal, but found it closed. So he went to White Castle. About 15 seconds after getting out of the car, this happened.

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ThirstGoblin bought $7.99 in food (no free lunch) and was so rattled, he ordered fries instead of onion rings. And he posted a picture to reddit. We assume that somewhere in all that activity, there was some notification of insurance companies. There were plenty of pictures taken, Twitter was on it immediately, and eventually the newspapers.

We hope that the couple will eventually get to their destination in Ohio.

(Image credit: ThirstGoblin)

Source: neatorama

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