I Wish This Was a Trend Among Industrial Designers: David Hockney Wordlessly Pages Through His Sketchbook

David Hockney has nothing to prove, being in the “Most expensive artwork sold by a living artist” club; His Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold for $90 million a few years ago. So I’m glad to see he still has the drive to continue sketching.

In this video, Hockney pulls open a sketchbook of his circa 2019 and wordlessly pages through it, revealing the range of things that captured his eye in those moments: Domestic interior scenes, urban exteriors, landscapes ranging from recognizable to fanciful; still lifes, Rembrandt-esque human forms, half-timbered structures in Germany or Austria, random street scenes with details so minimal yet gesturally accurate that you can tell the pickup is an older Ford F-150. Black-and-white, sepia, full color, Hockney filled the pages using whatever tools he had on hand at the moment.

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I realize it would be a lot more commercial and less varied in range, but I’d love it if this (unnarrated) paging-through-a-sketchbook-video became a trend among industrial designers, whether you work in packaging, automotive, product, furniture. That rabbit-hole would be a difficult one to climb out of.

Source: core77

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