Ian Lanterman Photography

Fashion and still life photography through the lens of Ian Lanterman.

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Ian Lanterman is a photographer who’s mainly specializing in conceptional fashion, editorial, and still life photography. He is currently working between Vancouver and New York City. With an eye for little details and beautiful compositions, his photographs show scenes from everyday life in a more conceptual way. He skillfully plays with colors and different compositions. As always, a small selection of images can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Ian’s amazing photographs, please visit his website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

Ian Lanterman Photography, Portrait of Yu.
Portrait of Yu.
Ian Lanterman Photography, Elegant and unique photographs.
Elegant and unique photographs.
Ian Lanterman Photography, Playing with red.
Playing with red.
Ian Lanterman Photography, Crossed legs.
Crossed legs.
Ian Lanterman Photography, Still life.
Still life.
Ian Lanterman, Portrait photography.
Simple and clean portrait photography.
Ian Lanterman Photography, Green socks and unicorn heels.
Green shoes/socks with unicorn heels.
Ian Lanterman Photography, Yu in Azabu Tokyo.
An image from a series with Yu in Azabu Tokyo.

All images © by Ian Lanterman. You can find another visually pleasing photographs on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Photography section includes a great variety of work captured by some of the best photographers from all over the world.

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