<i>Cocaine Bear</i> is Finally a Movie

A drug deal somehow went bad in 1985 and led to a plane ditching $15 million dollars worth of cocaine, which landed over the woods of Georgia. A bear found some of the cocaine and ate 75 pounds of it. The story became a legend in Kentucky, where the drug smuggler was from (he died parachuting from that flight). The bear is even on display in Lexington! Ever since the story came out in the papers, people have been talking about the movie that should be made from the story. For a long time, it fell into that category of “not believable enough.” But times have changed. Now, Cocaine Bear has become a reality.

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Watch the first trailer above, which contains several F-bombs. The movie appears to be a bloody gore-fest that is also a comedy. It has been highly fictionalized, since no one actually encountered the bear before it died, but can you blame them for bringing us an extra-large bear in a cocaine rage? Cocaine Bear will be in theaters February 24th. -via reddit

Source: neatorama

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