ID for Gamers: Razer's Mouse Bungee Desktop Device

Here’s an object whose function would not be obvious to me:

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That’s Razer’s Mouse Bungee V3, whose weighted base and angled arm are meant to “eliminate cable drag” for high-stakes gamers.

“The cable catch on the Razer Mouse Bungee V3 is rubber coated and made to fit most rubber, braided, and paracord mouse cables. The spring arm allows for unhindered mouse movement by keeping the cable elevated from your mouse surface.”

“The Razer Mouse Bungee V3 has a weighted, rubber-grip base to ensure it stays in place and upright during intense, hectic gameplay.”

Now that folks can earn a living through gaming, with the top players earning millions of dollars a year, it’s no surprise that objects like this exist; with that kind of money on the line, competitors will seek every advantage. There’s reportedly 8,000 pro-level gamers in the U.S. alone chasing $50 million in prize money, and at $20 a pop, I bet Razer will move a good amount of these.

Source: core77

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