Identity Design for Santorini-based Hotel HOM by k2 design

How does one design a brand to emphasize it as a perfect summer retreat? Greek design firm k2 design has employed their vision for a new hotel simply called HOM, highlighting its one-of-a-kind charm which sets it apart from the typical honeymoon hotel vibe that saturates Santorini.

With a nod to the simplistic beauty of Greek design, they’ve incorporated elements like handmade pottery and vibrant colors that evoke the carefree spirit of summer living. The tones they’ve chosen are gorgeous, they feel so rich and lively, and the hand-drawn illustrations bring such a familiar, human touch to the overall brand. Overall, there’s this really nice interplay between the simplicity of the typography and the character of the textures and colors used throughout.

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HOM Hotel Branding by k2 design
HOM Hotel Branding by k2 design
HOM Hotel Branding by k2 design



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