<i>Ever Forward</i> Finally Free to Float

Is it an Easter miracle? The cargo ship Ever Forward was finally freed from land this morning. It was more than a month ago that the cargo ship became stuck in Chesapeake Bay. The incident harked back to the calamity of the Ever Given, which clogged up the Suez Canal for a week. The Ever Given made global news because of the traffic backup, but the Ever Forward was stuck much longer. Both ships are under the control of the Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen. 

Workers spent the past week removing 500 of the ship’s 5,000 containers with cranes, hoping to lighten the load. The effort raised the ship six inches, which isn’t a lot when a ship needs 42 feet to float, but every inch counts. Sunday morning’s spring tide under a full moon was just high enough for two pulling barges and five tugboats to drag the Ever Forward from the muddy banks. Read about the operation at the Baltimore Sun. -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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