If You Think People Are The Worst These Days, These 130 Wholesome Pics May Change Your Mind

With so much pain and suffering going on in the world daily, we can sometimes forget just how full of beauty and goodness the world is. Well, today we’re here to remind you that human beings can be truly amazing, kind, and wholesome. In our opinion, there’s hardly anything better than someone reaching out and helping someone without expecting a reward. There can’t be darkness without light, and oh boy, is there a lot of light in the world.

The r/HumansBeingBros subreddit, a massive community of over 3.5 million members, celebrates people being total ‘bros’ to each other. It’s a subreddit that gives you a massive overload of kindness, and it’s nearly impossible not to leave it without a massive smile on your face. We’re featuring their very best posts that might just restore your faith in humanity.

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Scroll down for the best pics you’ll probably see all day on the internet. Be sure to spread the cheer: send the post to your friends who need some cheering up. But above everything else, do your best to do something nice for someone else today, Pandas! Kindness has a habit of spreading, so why not give it a gentle nudge or twotoday?

Bored Panda got in touch with Suzanne Degges-White, who told us about altruism, the Golden Rule, and that people are kind to each other due to their family values, spiritual beliefs, and biology. Suzanne is a Licensed Counselor, Professor, and Chair at the Department of Counseling and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University, and you’ll find our full interview with her as you scroll down.

#1 This Bro!

Image credits: Kim1403

Suzanne, from Northern Illinois University, explained to Bored Panda that there are several reasons why we are kind to other people. “Many of us are raised to believe it is the ‘right thing to do.’ Basically, all spiritual belief systems have a version of the ‘Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,'” she said, and most of you reading this will probably agree that you’ve heard of the Golden Rule in some shape or form before.

“We also do good turns because we know that one day we may be in need of a little ‘generosity from the universe,’ so it’s like putting ‘money’ into a karma account,” she said. However, there’s a biological basis for altruism as well.

#2 There Is No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

Image credits: Scaulbylausis

#3 I Needed This

Image credits: Nemisis1000

“Lastly, humans are wired so that when we do something kind for another, we feel good about ourselves and neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin have been shown to get a boost when we do something good for another. It is through cooperation that society functions, so the survival of the human race depends on being willing to help others. Family values, spiritual beliefs, and biology all play a part in this motivation,” Suzanne stressed that there are complex reasons why someone might do nice things.

“Many of us take pride in being of service to others as it is culturally valued and we want to hold significance in our worlds. So when we do good deeds, we show others our willingness to help those in distress/need; we live out faith-based encouragement to treat others the way we would like to be treated, we uphold family values, and our brains get a positive jolt of happiness when we help others,” Suzanne told Bored Panda.

#4 This Made Smile And Then Go Pet My 15 Year Old Cat.

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 Saws This On My Facebook Feed

Image credits: Droidtroll06

#6 I Made A 1-Inch Scrape On A Stranger’s Taillight While Parallel Parking Yesterday. Today I Got This Text From Them

Image credits: Slathbog

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Founded all the way back in 2013, when life seemed a lot simpler than it does nowadays, the ‘Humans Being Bros’ subreddit has since then grown by leaps and bounds. And it doesn’t look like it plans on slowing down any time soon (unless someone happens to unplug the internet).

Unsurprisingly, the community is entirely focused on folks being excellent to each other and posting high-quality, genuine content. The moderators stress that there’s to be no hate speech and no “slap fights. Meanwhile, there’s also zero tolerance for politics, misinformation, and staged submissions. Oh, and if you’re here for memes, you won’t find any—there are other subreddits for that.

The instinct for being kind to others is hard-wired into us, psychotherapist Silva Neves explained to Bored Panda earlier. He told us that our brains reward us for being social and altruistic. At the same time, however, we also have a selfish side that’s focused on survival and hoarding resources.

#7 A Local Sandwich Shop Helping Out

Image credits: alangerhans

#8 The Opposite Of R/Choosingbeggars – My Wife Trying To Sell Her Car

Image credits: JeffTrav

#9 Saw This On Fb And It Gave Me A Smile

Image credits: malarkist

Our desire to help others is in constant conflict with our inner wish to act in such a way as to protect ourselves. In short, people are constantly struggling between two different lines of action they’d like to pursue. We’re always on the lookout for how our kindness might backfire on us, according to Silva. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t wonderful benefits that come with being nice to others.

“Being kind is good for us because it gives us a sense of purpose, it raises our self-esteem, and it releases feel-good brain chemicals,” the psychotherapist told us. “It [kindness] is also good for others, obviously. So kindness is actually something that we, humans, are naturally driven to be.”

#10 Professor Inviting Students Over For Thanksgiving

Image credits: Bluemzv12

#11 Rest In Peace.

Image credits: youssef_azhary123

#12 A Text From Our Landlords This Morning

Image credits: eucalypocalypse

However, he also warned that people are generally wary of strangers. “The sense of kindness is in competition with our survival mode, so, as human beings, we tend to live in contradiction, between kindness (opening our arms) and protection (closing our arms),” he said.

#13 Friend’s Sister Lost Her Car Key While Jogging, Someone Else Made Sure She Found It

Image credits: Majestic_Beard

#14 Cashier Notices The Lady Exhibiting Signs Of A Seizure And Grabs Her Baby Before It Fully Hits Her.

Image credits: Chris_Isur_Dude

#15 My Rowing Coach Posted This On Twitter Today

Image credits: jossfun

Meanwhile, Vanessa King, the Head of Psychology at ‘Action for Happiness,’ revealed to Bored Panda that altruism is directly linked to the satisfaction and happiness we feel in our own lives.

 “If you think about it human beings are social species, we evolved to live in groups so working together and doing things to help each other is the social glue that keeps us together,” she told us.

#16 This Dad In Texas, A True Bro.

Image credits: Ramb0Brit3

#17 Coolest Bus Driver Prevents Pedestrian Accident

Image credits: tilouswag

#18 Watching The Game As Bros

Image credits: TrevBales

“Participating in group activities and community events makes us happier too. When we do things for others it activates the reward center in the brain, so when we give a gift it feels the same as receiving a gift,” she said.

#19 Old Couple Helping Out A Guy In Need.

Image credits: CipherX52

#20 Random Bro Keeping Me From Having A Meltdown Today

Image credits: gfritz25

#21 I Came Out To My Very Religious Family A Few Years Back And Haven’t Been Allowed Home Since. I Just Got This From One Of My Professors And Had To Share It With You Guys. I’m 100% Going!

Image credits: snooppii

“Small daily actions one at a time can help us to make altruism a lifetime habit. You could start out small by deciding you are going to smile at everyone you meet or pay three people a compliment today,” Vanessa explained that kindness is something that can be learned, one wholesome action at a time.

#22 Wholesome Moment

Image credits: MrPaulBae

#23 Wholesome Neighbor

Image credits: Yet_Another_Banana

#24 I Was Laid Off Last Week And My Dog Walker Offered To Continue Giving Walks For Free While I Look For A New Job

Image credits: bigmouthstrikesaga1n

“You can give money to charity, donate to a food bank, or volunteer your time over Christmas. You can leave a food package or a note for an elderly neighbor. All of these actions help others and boost your own happiness and if we are happier, research shows we are even more likely to help others,” she listed some of the ways that people can help others.

#25 Saw That My GF’s Dad Had Commented On A “Things That Kids Today Don’t Understand” Post On Facebook And I Feared The Worst…

Image credits: AbstinenceMulligan

#26 Made Me Tear Up

Image credits: jackzilla1123

#27 Now That’s A Good Company!

Image credits: hagoodluckguessing

“Maybe at first, you start out doing things to help others only to get attention and praise, but you will find that doing things for others helps you feel good and when you see people’s responses. Once you see the difference you can make in the world and to your own happiness and altruism can grow naturally,” she said that when people experience kindness, they are more likely to be kind themselves. At the same time, kindness can be a way of forming strong social bonds and increasing the likelihood of getting help when we need it most.

#28 This Lady Is A Saint

Image credits: DavidTECRedoot

#29 Saw This Guy At Wal-Mart Buying All Of Their Remaining Santa Hats, When I Asked What He Was Buying Them For He Said “I Do This Every Year After Christmas And Donate Them To Children’s Hospitals For Next Year”

Image credits: banginbowties

#30 Pure Wholesome Moment

Image credits: Pure wholesome moment.

“There’s an important point too here for people on the receiving end of kindness. If they can, it’s, of course, great to say thank you and add the positive impact it has for you e.g., ‘Thank you, It’s great to know that someone cares.’ That can really boost the glow for the giver and encourage them to give more,” she pointed out that when someone vocalizes how grateful they are, this helps cement others’ altruistic habits.

#31 Dayz Devs Being Bros For A Grieving Player

Image credits: Jg6915

#32 Dr. Usama Riaz Has Spent Weeks Screening, Treating Coronavirus Patients Even Then He Knew Ppe Was Not Available. He Lost His Battle Today. Remember His Name

Image credits: Empress_of_mars

#33 Back Where It Belongs

Image credits: Hulu-nord-vpn

#34 This Woman Wakes Up Every Morning To Wave To The School Bus Passing Every Morning, And That Day Was Her Birthday (They Wished Her Happy Birthday)

Image credits: DepressedMemerBoi

#35 During His Wedding Photoshoot A Groom Saves A Boy From Drowning.

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#36 I Don’t Know If This Has Been Posted Before,but This Is An Emergency Hug

Image credits: arguteAtticSalt

#37 Awesome!

Image credits: MrWap

#38 My Cat Passed Away Today, At Home. This Is The Email I Got From My Vet A Few Minutes After We Told Them What Happened

Image credits: Calliope719

#39 Thank You Robert Pritzker

Image credits: Cenat16

#40 Skateboarder Helps His Daughter Build Up Confidence To Conquer Drop

Image credits: EastCoastTone96

#41 My Wife And I Couldn’t Get Our Newborn Baby To Stop Crying At The Restaurant, So We Embarrassingly Started To Pack Up To Go Home When The Couple Sitting Next To Us Offered To Hold Him So We Could Enjoy A Night Out. Our Baby Slept On This Kind Strangers Shoulder The Entire Evening!

Image credits: humansof

#42 A Freshman In High School Was Getting Bullied For Wearing The Same Clothes To School Everyday. His Classmates Decided To Buy Him Some New Clothes And New Sneakers.

Image credits: osebagger

#43 Famous Wrestler Tryna Comfort Young Fan In The Icu

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Saving Students Money

Image credits: Scaulbylausis

#45 This Restaurant Offers Food For Free If You Can’t Afford It

Image credits: nopepotato69

#46 The World Needs More Abduls

Image credits: AprilBoon

#47 A Little Community Goes A Long Way!

Image credits: HiddenPictures

#48 The Ultimate Bros

Image credits: Destinynerd1027

#49 Good To Know

Image credits: doinmybest4now

#50 Ryan Reynolds Does It Again

Image credits: rutlandclimber

#51 Protestor Hold Umbrella Over Journalist

Image credits: Ledpidus

#52 Where An Organisation Can’t Help You, A Bro Will 🙂

Image credits: Abbysol

#53 Teacher Sent This To Me After Class. There Were Some Technical Difficulties With My Video

Image credits: FamilyL0bster

#54 Go Willie!

Image credits: senilepigs55

#55 My Package Was Delivered To Wrong Building. He Looked Ne Up On Fb And Messaged Me

Image credits: dontknowwhyIamhere42

#56 I Live Far Away From My Best Friend And He Plays Games On PC. I Don’t Have One Because I Can’t Afford One. He Dropped This On Me Today

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Professor Showing Kids How To Buy Cheaper Text Books For His Class

Image credits: bruthewhayne

#58 In Norway You Get A Small Amount Of Money For Recycling Bottles/Cans. They’re Often Collected By Poor People, Homeless Etc. A Lot Of Our Trash Cans Has These Holders Around Them So People Don’t Have To Search Through The Trash To Collect Them

Image credits: idunnomysex

#59 This Brother Is Helping His Sister To Make The Shot!

Image credits: Thund3rbolt

#60 Florida Man Bought Over 100 Generators, Around $450 Apiece, To Send To The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

Image credits: chuckchicken11

#61 He Didn’t Care If It Was Pouring Down Rain, He Wasn’t Going To Stop Till He Fixed That Bike For The Little Man. Respect.

Image credits: Lamikz

#62 She Crocheted All These Hats For A Local Shelter! It’s Absolutely Incredible! Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂

Image credits: Majicjack2434

#63 More Places Should Do This

Image credits: Traffic-Jam-Sandwich

#64 Gay Dads Adopt All 6 Siblings Who Have Spent Half A Decade In Foster Care

Image credits: rockingchairnyc

#65 I Am A Teacher. I Am Also Jewish. I Received This Message Today From A Student After My Introductory Lesson On The Holocaust

Image credits: HumansBeingBros

#66 Cashier Bro Looking Out For A Regular

Image credits: swiiish555

#67 Every Time Deandre Hopkins Scores, He Finds His Mom, Who Lost Her Sight 17 Years Ago And Gives Her The Touchdown Ball. One Of The Best Traditions In Sports

Image credits: wetthing

#68 Firefighters Climbing 110 Stories In Full Gear In Remembrance Of The First Responders Who Died On 9/11

Image credits: Cup-of-Noodle

#69 Granny Doing Her Best

Image credits: The11thArchAngel

#70 And Everyone Loves Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 When Two Bros Don’t Know How To Go On By Themselves, So They Go On Together. The Best Part About Reddit, Honestly.

Image credits: cowsarehotterthanyou

#72 Thank You 1968 Girl Scouts

Image credits: PigBeenBorn

#73 This Man Bought All His “Paletas” So That The Street Vendor Could Go Home And Relax On Father’s Day

Image credits: Alexander0232

#74 After Sharing This Today, Redditors Flooded One Simple Wish And Crashed Their Website With Bear Hugs, Over $25k Worth Of Wishes Fulfilled! You Redditors Rock!

Image credits: TH02N

#75 Two Guys Saved A Girl From Fire

Image credits: id397550

#76 Bro Company

Image credits: BloviateBetting

#77 I Got A Flat & Although My BF Was On The Phone Trying To Help, I Was Struggling To Loosen The Lug Nuts. Then These Guys Came Up. They Spoke Limited English But Gestured Toward The Tire. They Put My Spare On & I Was Back On The Road In No Time. I Thanked Them & Tried To Offer Them $ To No Avail.

Image credits: kdbice

#78 Dude Wakes Up From Coma To Find His Respiratory Therapist Is A Metal Musician He’s A Fan Of. The Guy Sends Him Free Merch And Has The Rest Of His Band Come Visit. (Pre Pandemic)

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 82 Year Old Man Sacrificing Himself To Give A Younger Person A Chance To Live

Image credits: meem_stealer

#80 What A Blood Donation Center Looks Like In El Paso After Police Said There Was An Urgent Need For Blood

Image credits: xman1314

#81 Pizza Shop Owner Being A Pizza Bro

Image credits: letmegetinmyzone

#82 Pro Study Tips!

Image credits: ShinigamiDady

#83 Looking Out For Our Elders

Image credits: mzkp54

#84 93 Yr Old Toy Maker Makes 300 Wooden Trucks For Kids At Christmas

Image credits: johnnyj953

#85 Biker Bro Move Right There. Oh They Found The Owner.

Image credits: punkeddiemurphy

#86 Amazing Idea!

Image credits: nabnig

#87 Dr. Fauci Is Salt Of The Earth. Exhibit #103207

Image credits: StudioSixtyFour

#88 Nurses/Medical Staff Being Bros

Image credits: QuestionablySuperFly

#89 Bro

Image credits: Baldberd

#90 Good Guy Ahmed

Image credits: FearmyBeard21

#91 Someday, His Son Will Thank Him

Image credits: Chiss5618

#92 He’s Trying

Image credits: Sandy_Paws021415

#93 2nd And 3rd Place Winners Of The World Figure Skating Championships Help To Lift The Champion For Podium Photo

Image credits: sayjays

#94 This Guy Selling His Action Figures On Ebay

Image credits: gangbangkang

#95 Random Downpour In Dc, This Guy Jumps Out Of His Car To Share An Umbrella With A Couple Down On Their Luck

Image credits: T6900

#96 Female Bro

Image credits: prettypettypeople

#97 Some People Are Just Genuinely Good

Image credits: xUnoriginal

#98 Arnold Schwarzenegger Is So Wholesome On Reddit

Image credits: newone1457

#99 Officer Jenkins

Image credits: Morty_Goldman

#100 Online Friends Are Sometimes Better Than Real Friends!

Image credits: B_Bibbles

#101 Truly An Amazing Young Lady. (Link In Comments For More Info)

Image credits: JediWithAnM4

#102 A Good Relationship With Neighbors Is Golden

Image credits: Flo-2311

#103 This Guy Being A True Boss

Image credits: cub3dworld

#104 This Good Guy Giving Out Masks At Houston’s June 2nd Protest

Image credits: stark247

#105 Tennis Player Azarenka Consoling Her Opponent After She Twisted Her Ankle And Forced To Retire.

Image credits: reva_r

#106 We All Need Friends Like This

Image credits: reddit.com

#107 Little Girl Wins But Then Celebrates With Her Opponent. True Sportsmanship And Kindness! They’re Both Winners!

Image credits: ZiraelN7

#108 Bad Times Pass But Good Acts Remain

Image credits: qasqaldag

#109 Garbage Truck Bro

Image credits: LateThePyres

#110 This Is True Power Of Reddit

Image credits: Marxow

#111 Man Saves Woman And Her Dog Seconds Before Car Sinks

Image credits: HiediLin

#112 Two Boys—ages 10 And 3–jumped 30 Feet From A Burning Building In Grenoble, France. Two Of The Six Adults Who Caught Them Broke Their Arms. Amazing Heroism All Around.

Image credits: 28stab-wounds

#113 Witness Bro

Image credits: ThatDarkPathsMyDrive

#114 It’s Not Always About The Money.

Image credits: Mono_420

#115 Canadians Being Canadians?

Image credits: ChiefOfSinners777

#116 Artists Installed Seesaws At The Border Wall So That Kids In The U.S. And Mexico Could Play Together. It Was Designed By Architect Ronald Rael. ⁣ ⁣beautiful Reminder That We Are Connected: What Happens On One Side Impacts The Other

Image credits: saltpepper90

#117 This Is A Good Mother .

Image credits: jake4411

#118 Our Neighbour Doesn’t Have Wi-Fi, So We Talked Her Through Joining Ours. Once On She Received 70 Messages From Her Children Living Overseas

Image credits: steviesays2

#119 Dad Is Gonna Be A Bro For Life

Image credits: eternalrefuge86

#120 A Year Ago My Little Sister Left This World. This Weekend Her Heart Recipient Met My Mom And Shared Her Heart Beat.

Image credits: Necoya

#121 So Glad That People Like This Exist To Help Those Considering Suicide.

Image credits: Hopefussage

#122 Things Like This Melt My Heart

Image credits: unaviable

#123 Was Told To Post This Here: I’m 14, And I’ve Been 3D Printing Face Shields For Local Hospitals With Masksfordocs. In The Past 3 Days I Have Made 17, With Many More To Come. (Sorry For Terrible Photo)

Image credits: Youareyou64

#124 Jaden Smith Is A Bro

Image credits: pp0787

#125 Freshman Saves His Friend From Choking By Giving Him The Heimlich

Image credits: gator426428

#126 Irish Boxer Kellie Harrington Wins Gold At Tokyo Olympics, Invites Her Opponents To Share The Winner’s Podium

Image credits: FOURCHANZ

#127 I Wish More People Are Like Her!

Image credits: NDB05_

#128 The Best Possible Outcome Of Layoffs

Image credits: valonxhar

#129 I Am A Teacher. I Am Also Jewish. I Received This Message Today From A Student After My Introductory Lesson On The Holocaust.

Image credits: shadowdra126

#130 One In A Million

Image credits: tesss_tickles

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