“If You Use A Glass Cutting Board, We Can’t Be Friends”: 83 People Share Their Most “Gatekeeping” Culinary Opinions

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! Also, if you don’t use fresh garlic, don’t frequently sharpen your knives, create low sugar desserts, or have the audacity to use glass cutting boards, you have no place in my kitchen!

Cooking can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. But, like many other communities, the cooking world has some purists who refuse to tolerate anything less than the best. If you think it should be a felony to put pineapple on pizza or people should have their culinary rights revoked for claiming onions are caramelized after only seven minutes on a pan, this might be the perfect list for you.

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Reddit users have recently been sharing their most gatekeeping culinary opinions, and they certainly did not hold back. We all have opinions we’re passionate about when it comes to food (for example, as someone who grew up in Texas, I think packaged, store bought tortillas are an atrocity), so be sure to upvote the responses that make your blood boil like pasta water. Keep reading to also find an interview with Reddit user CessnaBlackBelt, who started this conversation in the first place, to hear his thoughts on the topic.

Feel free to share what would cause you to throw a cook out of your kitchen in the comments below, and then if you’re hungry for another Bored Panda article that can help you elevate your culinary skills, check out this story next.


I’m of the opinion that you can do whatever the f**k you want with food *but* if you fundamentally change a dish you have to change its name.

It’s all about expectations. If I go into a restaurant and order a carbonara, then when it arrives they say ‘oh we make it with pepperami snack sausages and cream cheese’, then it’s no longer a f*****g carbonara…it’s not necessarily gatekeeping but things are called things for a reason. Imagine the chaos if we just abandon this…come on people.

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Food can be a very emotional thing, and we’re all entitled to our own opinions in the kitchen. Perhaps you feel passionately about the food of your culture being prepared properly or you hate when people use “taco” as a flavor for other foods. We’ve all got some gatekeeping culinary opinions, so to learn a bit more about this topic, we reached out to CessnaBlackBelt on Reddit, the person who started this conversation in the first place. He said it was simply a random thought that inspired him to ask this question.

“I thought about how people who don’t live in Louisiana can’t cook gumbo,” he told Bored Panda. “I then thought, I wonder what people from elsewhere tend to gatekeep about.”


If you can’t take a full bite of your sandwich or burger in one go it is a fundamental failure.

If your sandwich or burger requires a skewer to maintain integrity it has fundamentally failed.

If you want more filling scale horizontally, not vertically.

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If you change a recipe when you make it, you’re not allowed to rate it in the reviews without making the original. Nothing worse than someone rambling about the 14 changes they made to a recipe, and then giving it a 3 star…

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We were curious if CessnaBlackBelt considers himself a master chef. “I consider myself really good at cooking, but my ‘cookbook’ as I’ll call it, isn’t that big,” he shared. “My strong suit is Cajun cuisine, such as Gumbo and Jambalaya. My most gatekeeping opinion is that people who put tomatoes in their gumbo are not making gumbo.”

We also asked him what his thoughts were on the responses to his post. “Most of the responses didn’t quite answer the question, but I was definitely surprised by a response saying that condiments are an abomination, which I naturally disagreed with,” he told Bored Panda. “The one that resonated with me the most said that you can’t just call yourself a chef and that you have to earn that title. Now, I consider myself good at cooking, but I am by no means a chef.”


Homemade whipped cream is and always will be better than the fake store bought stuff

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People who actually only like 2 foods should stop pretending they’re ‘picky eaters’. I understand people having problems with certain textures or types of flavors, for instance someone saying ‘I usually don’t like spicy things’ is fine, or if it were sour or too sweet I could accept that as well. It’s fine to not like the gritty texture of some vegetable when cooked some way or to dislike the ‘smeary’ texture that fat-rich food can sometimes have.

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However, as a Midwesterner specifically, I have met so many people who literally act as if they cannot eat anything but mac&cheese, potatoes, and steak. These same people then look outward at the entire rest of food culture and say ‘I don’t like those weird things, I’m picky with what I eat’. No you are a baby sir, and you are still eating exclusively what your mother fed you as a little boy so that you stay that way. I know I have no right to be upset with what other people decide to put in their bodies, but y’all asked me to gatekeep and folks like this get to me.


Anthony Bourdain was right: butter is the secret ingredient.

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But even though he may gatekeep certain things in the kitchen, he’s still optimistic about other people’s potential. “Anyone can cook. You just need to make the effort to learn and master techniques,” he shared. And he was even able to expand his own culinary knowledge from sharing this post.

“Aside from how much attention the post received, I was also surprised by how much I learned about others’ cultures and cuisine, along with new advice,” he told Bored Panda. “Such as using Parmigiano Reggiano instead of parmesan cheese.”


Posting a video on social media of cooking some stupid c**p like Kraft Mac and cheese, throwing it into a pan, topped with crushed spicy Cheetos, and throwing the video on social media with a bunch of hashtags is NOT a “food hack” and it does not mean you can cook. Quite the opposite, imo.


One piece of garlic is never enough

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Charcuterie is cured meats.

There is no Dessert Charcuterie board.

If it has cheese, fruit, nuts, etc. It may be f*****g delicious and beautiful but it’s not a charcuterie board.

That’s like me making a Cheeseburger Board and it’s strawberries, chocolate, cookies, nuts, jams, etc.

Whether you’re a master chef or a university student surviving off packets of ramen noodles and meals from the cafeteria, we hope you enjoy this list about culinary opinions that really get people heated. At the end of the day, we all just want to eat well and enjoy our food. Just try not to get too stressed about the amateurs who don’t know the difference between a bread knife and a butter knife; they’re trying their best too. Keep upvoting the responses that you agree with, and then if you want to check out another Bored Panda article that can help you elevate your cooking skills, we recommend reading this list next.


I think EVERYONE (both food service workers and general public) should take a food safety course.

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Wash your filthy hands. I don’t want food poisoning again.

Also, if you use a glass cutting board, we can’t be friends.

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Shepherd’s pie with beef isn’t shepherd’s pie. It’s cottage pie.



Am I supposed to reach into my plate with my hands like an animal, or leave half of the shrimp stuck in the tail like an animal?

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While recipes are useful, folks should prioritize WHY things work in a recipe over just memorizing a recipe.

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LEMON and LIME have two very different flavors. My entire family seems to think that they taste the same and will substitute one for another.


Celery is not “just as good”when used as a replacement for onion, Will, you f*****g monster

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Stop calling mayo with anything mixed into aioli.

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Fresh Thyme is the answer!!!

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Freshly ground black pepper is so much better than pre-ground (like the stuff in shakers at restaurants).

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Grilled Cheese MUST be buttery

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If your middle eastern/Mediterranean place serves bad or bland hummus I’m not even going to bother with the rest of your menu. If you can’t get the basics right don’t waste my time.

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Most people’s knives are so dull as to be next to useless

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Burn marks from taking food out of the oven with just a thin towel/your bare hands are not “badges of honor”. Protect yourself and wear some damn gloves.


The dark meat of the chicken is infinitely better than the white meat. No exceptions.


Desserts should not be healthy or low sugar. They’re dessert damn it! Yes, it can be healthy but when you’re changing texture by removing sugar itself… Urgh

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Fresh garlic that you peel and chop yourself is SO much better than the c**p in a jar. Yes it’s more work but it’s so worth it I don’t get why anyone complains.


I have a few about cajun food.

Jambalaya is a dry rice dish. If someone is serving a sauce over rice and calling it jamabalaya, they have no idea what that dish should be.

Cajun does not equal so spicy it can’t be eaten. Most cajun food is full of flavor and not all that spicy.

I have been to a few restaurants and seen dishes to the effect of “Pasta with cajun sauce” I don’t know WTF cajun sauce is, but in all my years, no one in my family ever made it or heard of it.

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Please scrape the food off your chopping board with the non cutting edge of your knife.

That is all.

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Preoccupation with dish authenticity is toxic. The authenticity of a dish varies by geography and culture so for example something like ‘street tacos’ will never be authentic because they are different depending on where you are. Snobbery takes away the pleasure of experiencing food.


Kind of the opposite of gatekeeping, but to quote a time honored classic movie about a rat cooking, “Anyone can cook”.

It is worth it in every possible way to learn how to cook, if even just for yourself.


Washing your meat just spreads germs in your sink. It’s gross and a waste of time


If you say white folks can’t cook. You been eating the wrong food.


Tin foil can be used both ways. It makes no difference. The smooth and matt sides are from the manufacturering process.


MSG makes average food delicious, and takes delicious food over the top.

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Bacon does not belong in everything.


People eat the “fast” versions of food for different reasons then the authentic versions of food. People don’t eat Kraft mac and cheese and expect it to be the best they’ve ever had, they eat it because it’s easier to make then an actual homemade Mac and cheese. Sometimes your brain just craves the weird powdered cheese flavor from Kraft and sometimes it wants the real cheese flavors that come from homemade Mac and cheese. Both can be good in their own categories but shaming people for eating “non-authentic” versions of food is just weird and elitist.

Edit cause people keep saying it – I’m aware that this isn’t gatekeeping. I typed this out and posted it without realizing that I mixed up gatekeeping and controversial, both questions come up on this sub so often that I didn’t even think about the difference until a few people pointed it out.

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People need to taste their food. I can’t count how many times I’ve had under-salted food. People just follow a recipe without even tasting anything and expect things to be perfect. You gotta taste it first people!


You are not a chef if you have not ever worked in a professional kitchen or had formal training.

I know someone who thinks she’s an influencer and calls herself the Rachael Ray of our city. She refers to herself as a chef even though she’s never even been a server at a restaurant, let alone work in a kitchen under a chef or pro.

It prob shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does.


Blending a tub of Cool Whip with a block of cream cheese and throwing it in a pie crust does not make cheesecake. Call it something else. That s**t ain’t cheesecake, full stop.

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People who refuse to try new tastes, foods and dishes suck.


My friend was in Maine. Stopped at a place and their chicken parm was… chicken nuggets with ketchup and American cheese. If he told me the name I would Molotov cocktail that place so that culinary abomination could never be made there again.


Burning s**t doesn’t make it Cajun.

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Gluten free food is never as good as its regular counterpart. (Obviously only applies to foods that had gluten to begin with)


Propane will never be as good as charcoal

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Buy the best knives you can afford. You only need three- chef’s, bread, and paring. Keep the chef’sand paring sharp.


If something’s missing and you can’t put your finger on it, it’s acid. Add lemon, vinegar, etc.
Edit: missed the point on gatekeeping, still true tho


A s**t ton of condiments on burgers doesn’t = better tasting


Casserole is a perfectly fine way to meal prep, and while some can be bland or TikTok bait, they’re often hella good.


Most recipes you find online use way too little spices. 1 tsp of cumin? Unless it’s a meal for one gtfo.

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learn how to cut a damn onion


if you don’t allow chicken to brown when you’re pan frying it, just don’t

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Broth is made from flesh. Stock is made from bones and flesh.

There is no bone broth. It’s just a made up BS marketing term.


If you add olive oil to the water when making pasta you’re a monster. No idea why I’ve met so many people who do this


There is no shame in using a meat thermometer to get the temp you want.



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Shepherds pie has f*****g sheep in it. If you put beef in it it’s a goddamn cottage pie, you filthy f*****g animal.


Smashing a fistful of tater tots and pressing them onto a plate isn’t a hash brown Greg.

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Expensive high grade tomatoes are always worth it.


Butter is the only acceptable fat to use in pie crust.
I said what I said.


If you put cream into your carbonara, it is not carbonara anymore


You should not eat a medium rare hamburger, not unless you really trust the place making it


Life is too short for bad bread, I refuse to buy it in those wonder bread-type sleeves in the durable baked goods aisle. I always go for the naturally-leavened loaves in the bakery. They don’t last as long but you can keep them frozen and thaw slices as needed.


If you go to a restaurant and they cheap out on the side salad, they most likely cheap out on their regular entrees.


A little coriander (Chopped or not upto you) really makes the Curry shine.

Also, Ghee (Clarified butter) is better than butter.


You cannot trust your oven thermometer. Get a separate one and use it to “calibrate” your oven. Mine will tell me it’s hot about 100 degrees before it’s actually at temp. Very annoying.

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I’ve done many of BBQ contest back home in Texas, the best wood to use in my opinion is pecan.

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A hot take / unpopular opinion is not gatekeeping…


Anyone who says they can’t cook is just too lazy to make the effort.


Mac and cheese will always need more cheese.


Chili must actually contain chili’s or powder to call it chili.

Texas Chile does not contain tomatoes or beans. I have no problem with tomatoes or beans in chili but do not call it Texas Chile if you add those.


Enchiladas are rolled not stacked.


Frozen blueberries that are forzen after freshly picked are better than fresh blueberries.


Boneless wings are not wings, they’re nuggets. Not saying saucy nuggets are bad, but call them what they are.

Edit: ok maybe they’re tenders and not nuggets. I don’t care what you call them, as long as you don’t call them wings.


Mixed greens is not an acceptable substitute for lettuce(iceberg, romaine, Green leaf, butter) on a hamburger. The point of the lettuce is for texture so you want a mild flavor and high crispyness. Mixed green misses the mark on both points.


Learn the 5 mother sauces. People will start to think you’re a gourmet chef


Tiramisu should be made AS IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE ANCIENT ONES. All this strawberry tiramisu and other weird experiments are all an affront to man, science, and the divine. Seriously though if you want to experiment go for it. I’m just gonna judge you hard-core lol.


You’re not a foodie if you only eat like 5 things and pick half the stuff in every dish before you eat it. Also, you need to cook or else you really don’t understand food and all the processes that go into making something. If you can’t even cook basic stuff and haven’t bothered to try much of anything, your food opinions don’t matter.


If you pronounce the G in gyro I will fight you.


Something isn’t immediately Poutine simply because you put [random food item] atop a plate of fries.

And if you use shredded cheese instead of curds, it is simply called “an abomination”.


New Mexico Green Chile > Colorado Green chile


The limes should be cut thinner


Ciabatta is the ONLY bread that makes PERFECT croutons!!!!!

Seriously though– even when soaked-through with soup or dressing, ciabatta croutons keep their shape and don’t disintegrate.


The pizza in New York is better than the pizza in Italy.
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