If you want to be a content creator, be one, don't be a beggar

How often do you see people spamming links and asking others to check out their website in the comments section of whatever social media side you’re using? All the time.

Asking people to visit your website in the comments section is just wasting your time, the same time that you can spend to create content.

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If you want to be a content creator, be one, don’t be a beggar.

If you want to link to your site, at least make sure your link can actually help people. Otherwise it’s no different stuffing flyers in someone else’s hand and we all know where that flyer is going… into the trash.

You’re not going to get any meaningful results by spamming links in the comments section, so you better don’t waste seconds, days, months, your life doing so.

Don’t know how to get people to. your site? Go read some internet marketing articles I’ve written over the years.

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