If You’re Feeling Down, These 120 Wholesome Posts Might Lift You Up (New Pics)

Our Earth can be a rough place. But you don’t need me to remind you of it. The media is already full of stories about anger, deceit, and wreckage. And while we can’t ignore our problems, hoping they might just go away, we do sometimes need a break from them.

To remind you that there’s still plenty of goodness in this world, Bored Panda put together a new list of feel-good posts from all across the internet. Personal growth, empathetic relationships, we included everything. But if you scroll through the publication and your heart still needs more warmth, fire up our earlier renditions of wholesomeness here, here, and here.

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#1 A Great Heads Up

Image credits: dglaucomflecken

#2 After Years Of Tooth Pain And Hiding My Smile, I Got Dentures! They Literally Made Me Smile

Image credits: VernalPathOG

#3 This Veterinarian Has A Comfort-Dog Assistant That Helps Sick Patients Know That Everything Will Be Alright

Image credits: W0LFPAW

#4 An 87-Years-Old Woman Called The Police Emergency Number In Florence, Italy, Saying She Was Alone And Hungry. This Was The Result

Image credits: Doxep

#5 It Is Going Pretty Well

Image credits: CamDiggz

#6 The House Was Way Too Quiet While The Foster Kittens Were Out Having Playtime And My Boyfriend Was Supposed To Be Watching Them. I Found Everyone Like This

Image credits: mishalaluna

#7 Everyday This Guy Walks By Our House And Lifts Up His Dog For A Look At Our Neighbor’s Rabbit

Image credits: Zogramislath

#8 90-Year-Old Grandfather With Dementia, Hugging My 4-Year-Old Son. Grandfather Who Can’t Remember Us Most Days Said “I Really Love This Kid, I’m Glad He’s Here”

Image credits: cowskeeper

#9 Before And After: My Daughter Battling A Combination Of RSV, Rhino Enterovirus, And Bacterial Pneumonia. She Almost Died, But She’s Now Home Safe And Sound

Image credits: DeceptiKHAAAAAN

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#10 Wonderful Moment

Image credits: Markjar1966

#11 Be That One Today

Image credits: Joyika

#12 Cooked My Wife And Cat A Special Sunday Breakfast

Image credits: Sonakstyle

#13 Old Wives Tale Debunked. When We Lifted The Blanket Look What Was Underneath, Dennis! Yes, Bumby Is Still Breathing

Image credits: theinvisableone

#14 My Parents Are Celebrating Their 69th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: HankPymp

#15 I Designed A 3D Printed Mirror Array To Propose! The Mirrors Are Angled So That Just Before Sunset, They Reflect The Sunlight To Spell “Marry Me?”

Image credits: bencbartlett

#16 My Husband And I Celebrated 10 Years Of Marriage Today

Image credits: nixonbeach

#17 The Pill Man Who Stands Outside CVS And Walgreens Sharing His Story Of Addiction And Recovery. I Met Him Today. He Is 8 Years Clean

Image credits: hawilder

#18 Got It Laminated To Replace My Air Freshener

“Mommy I made you 2 elephants friends so when you drive alone you will have 2 buddys”

Image credits: crshorty3

#19 46(M) And 43(F) With 3 Kids And 3 Jobs. Just Made The Last Payment On Our House

Image credits: brogsy

#20 3 Years After Becoming Paralyzed From The Chest Down, I Am Now Able To Stand After Getting A Special Frame That Allows Me To Do So

Image credits: captainkal

#21 Lost 200 Pounds During Covid. Today I Completed A Half Marathon

Image credits: FatherVic

#22 Really, Get Her That Pony

Image credits: fejesmg

#23 The Guy Who Does The Grass For My Building Left A Rectangle Of Wild Flowers So The Bees Can Use Them

Image credits: Gaddanger

#24 Afghanistan: They Will Not Go School Without Their Sister

Image credits: rickk79

#25 Donated My Swimmies To My Sister’s Girlfriend And I’m Now A Proud Uncle To My Donor Child

Image credits: pavignon

#26 Always Asked For A Skateboard As A Kid. My Parents Said Not Until I’m 35. Today They Delivered

Image credits: johncpeterson71

#27 Bad Times Pass But Good Acts Remain

Image credits: BBCYaldaHakim

#28 Enjoying A Beautiful Hike After Finding Out That There Is No More Stage 4 Colon Cancer In My Body

Image credits: thestringguru

#29 In Istanbul, A Stray Cat Mom Took Her Baby To The Er Doctors And Paramedics Helped The Baby And Took Them To A Vet

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

#30 That’s A Hero Right There

Image credits: bryant_selena

#31 Ron Came To The Vet Clinic As A Stray. After A Few Weeks, He Started Making Rounds To See Patients, And Would Sit Next To Any Pet While They Were Asleep, Offering Comfort

Image credits: northfieldvethospital

#32 This Little Girl’s Rock Displayed In My Local Museum

Image credits: TheAdmiral

#33 After Almost 20 Years Of Playing Xbox Together, I Met My Best Man For The First Time This Weekend

Image credits: hookahman

#34 Someone Turned A Stump Into A Little Box Of Books

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#35 Beats Putting “Clean Me” On It

Image credits: HickoryDickoryDank

#36 I Ditched Going To My In-Laws So I Could Have Thanksgiving With The Stray Cat That Lives In My Garage

Image credits: Mookadonia

#37 We Need This Kind Of People

Image credits: Rbbbb30

#38 My Able Bodied Wife Found Herself In A Fencing Tournament With A Wheelchair Restricted Opponent

Image credits: NHLroyrocks

#39 My Grandma Mailed Me Homemade Cookies To College

Image credits: oohpugman

#40 I Just Bought My First House

Image credits: nuunuwhoknew

#41 Good On The Neighbor For Looking Out Though

Image credits: msolurin

#42 After 3 Months I Finally Decided To Do Something About My Depression

Image credits: TlDrink

#43 Today I Got Married And No One From My Family Came To My Wedding Because It Was A Gay Wedding. Well, The Good Thing About Life Is That We Get To Choose Our Own Family

Image credits: CleverSleazoid_

#44 I Just Wanted To Share A Photo Of My Boi With His Gramps, Who Said: “I Don’t Want Him In The House”

Image credits: jojo_ryoko

#45 I Went On My First Date And This Is The Message The Girl Sent Me After

Image credits: bendubberley_

#46 This Big Brother Helps His Baby Sister Use The Doggie Door. He Stands There And Lets The Baby Go Through His Legs

Image credits: bkrees

#47 Took My Grandma Out To Lunch. Isn’t She Just Radiant?

Image credits: Devyn333

#48 Have PTSD And I Struggle With Being Outside. This Is My “I’ve Been Walking In The Woods 2 Days In A Row” Smile. Small Steps Forward

Image credits: Ellinorth

#49 Blessed Match

Image credits: TheZombaslaya

#50 Animals Really Are Man’s Best Friends

Image credits: michellesound

#51 After I Found Out My Girlfriend Was Pregnant I Signed Up To Rehab For My Addiction. Last Week I Became A Father And Picked Up My 3-Month Coin

Best week of my life.

Image credits: Moby-King

#52 My Best Friend’s “Not Engagement” Announcement I Just Got In The Mail

Image credits: RSParker

#53 Whenever We Foster A Singleton Kitten, Our Dog Becomes A Foster Mama

Image credits: pinkhairgirl37

#54 Rejected From Police Training For Being “Too Friendly”

Image credits: ElkShot5082

#55 My Friend’s Golden Retriever Has Taken Quite A Shine To His Feathered Siblings

Image credits: TechnoGlobeTrotter

#56 After 6 Months Of Being In The Hospital, My Little Sister Is Finally Cancer-Free

Image credits: c3suh

#57 Dad Took Me Out For Dinner To Celebrate My 5th Year Of Sobriety. Mom Is With Us In Spirit

Image credits: jferstarz

#58 Missing Cat Owner Posted A Follow Up Where The Previous Missing Posters Were

Image credits: Coffygrier

#59 Keep Growing

Image credits: _Dirty_Nikes_

#60 Words Of Wisdom

Image credits: IamJACKSventedSPLEEN

#61 Subway Giving Free Food For The Homeless

Image credits: CanadianGoku33

#62 This Martial Arts Instructor Offers Free Training To Kids Who Broke His Studio Window

Image credits: pvdjay

#63 Good Taste In Music Brings Neighbors Together

Image credits: binhcao

#64 This Is What The Paralympics Are All About

Image credits: samgrewe

#65 New Woman, Same Phone Case

Image credits: DanielleDawnX

#66 The Second Load Of Vaccines Has Been Delivered To Taiwan With Much Love From Lithuania

Image credits: -tingiu

#67 Owl I Found On The Road, It Couldn’t Fly So I Kept It In My Backyard For A Few Hours Till It Flew Away

Image credits: SP3CTR3_xD

#68 Before And After Beating Cancer. 2019-2020-2021

Image credits: l_ouanne56

#69 Adopt Seniors! We Got This 9 Year Old Gent On Saturday And He’s Wonderful

Image credits: BLToaster

#70 The Last Chemical Of My 4th And Final Round Of Chemo

Image credits: JebSenrab

#71 My Dad Often Dogsits For Me And This Man Takes A Selfie With Him Every Single Time To Show Me That He’s Okay

Image credits: Fig_Bish

#72 I Got Released From The Hospital Today After Receiving Chemo Therapy All Summer And A Second Bone Marrow Transplant

Leukemia relapsed 4 years after the first transplant, but I have faith that #2 wipes it out for good.

Image credits: stark_raving_naked

#73 Finally Able To Start Walking Again

Active duty military. I was taking part in an airborne operation when I had a horrible night landing. 

Simultaneously damaged both shoulders (labrum, rotator, and biceps), and both hips (labrum, femur heads). I have been suffering from constant chronic pain and have been having a harder and harder time walking.

I’ve spent the last five years on the surgeons table. The hips continued to get worse no matter what we tried, and I’ve been unable to walk more than a block due to the pain.

I finally gave in and agreed to a hip replacement. Surgery was on Monday. Here I am two days later. On day 6 I did a block and a half for the first time in a very long time.

The other hip will be replaced in February. I woke up today without the chronic pain for the first time in five years. I cried because I had forgotten what it felt like not to be in pain.

My wife has never let me give up. And here I am smiling for the first time in a long time.

There is hope. Hang in there!

Image credits: OnceAnAnalyst

#74 A Heartwarming Conversation From Twitter

Image credits: campervanliving

#75 I Don’t Need This Anymore! After 16 Surgeries To Fix A Birth Defect And Years In A Wheelchair I’ve Finally Been Cleared To Start Walking

I’m not very good at it yet, it’s painful, and can’t go far distances but I can walk! Thank you for reading – I’m very excited.

Image credits: PadmeASkywalker

#76 My Great-Grandma Is 114 Today! She’s The 3rd Oldest (Verified) Living American

Image credits: gibletzor

#77 While Walking His Dogs, A 71-Year-Old Man Had A Seizure. These Two Dogs Saved Their Owner

One of the dogs immediately sat next to the man protecting him, while the other dog went to find a passerby he could alert and bring to the scene. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Image credits: keswickmrt

#78 First Kid At His Elementary School To Get The Vaccine

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Mayor Of My City Giving Out Masks To People On The Bus Dressed As Mask Man

Image credits: whitestickygoo

#80 10 Days Ago, Somebody Poisoned My 11-Year-Old Fluffball Leon In My Own Garden. Against All Odds, He Made It Through

He is back home recovering from caused trouble for a while longer. The vet called him a miracle; so proud of you my grumpy old kitty.

Image credits: Fluffy_Dragonfly_

#81 I’ve Been Over 220 Pounds Since 5th Grade. I (27F) Started IF In January 2020 And For The First Time In My Life, I Weigh 160

Image credits: mrsjhev1

#82 My Daughter Is Obsessed With Halloween. We Bought Her A Skeleton Costume For Her Birthday And She Insisted On Putting It On Immediately, With A Birthday Hat

Image credits: ArinaMae

#83 Neighbors’ Kid Started A New Business And I’m His First Customer

Image credits: agaetistakk

#84 After Years Of Working As A Ghost Writer, I’m Finally A Published Author! Can’t Wait To Sign These Babies

Image credits: iliawrites

#85 “Dumbledore’s Bookshelf” Quilt; Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: Deesagan

#86 My Friend Works In A Shelter. These Kitties Get To Go Back Home

Image credits: delofan

#87 Yay! We Finally Got Married

Image credits: M16andKnockedUp

#88 We Made A Lifelong Dream Come True Last Week And Bought A Cabin In The Woods

Image credits: JNJP76

#89 She Said Yes

Image credits: TwoFlyingNuns

#90 I’m A Year Sober Today

Image credits: chachacha69

#91 Was A Meth Addict For 5 Years And Bought My First House Today With 10 Years Sober. Addiction Can Be Beaten And Don’t Let Anyone Else Tell You Different

Image credits: bakedmuffinman

#92 Having My 16th (And Hopefully Final) Chemo

Image credits: cranialbone

#93 48-Year-Old And Finally Went Back To School After Graduating Highschool 30 Years Ago

Image credits: px4855

#94 Mom Was Worried About Her Kid Flying Alone So The Captain Did This For Them Once They Boarded

Image credits: Met76

#95 I Work At A Local Animal Shelter. Iris Wouldn’t Let Me Put Her Back Down During The Entirety Of My Shift

Image credits: BigTool

#96 Rosie Is Almost At Her Goal Weight

Image credits: SeanR1221

#97 I Started Feeding A Street Cat Last Year, The News Is Going Fast In The Neighborhood

Image credits: Pepitof

#98 That Girl Is Me, Smiling So Much Cause I Was Next To My Crush

Image credits: iamatexan124

#99 My Vaccine-Hesitant Parents Decided To Get The Vaccine After My Oldest Brother Got Really Sick

Image credits: Matt8992

#100 Neighbor I’ve Never Met Overheard Me Kicking My Cheating Ex Out. Made My Day A Little Bit Better

Image credits: junkofthe_heart

#101 I’d Been Giving My New Neighbor’s Dogs Treats And Scratches Every Morning When I Headed Out To Work. This Is My Kitchen Window When I Woke Up On My First Day Off

Image credits: heatharv712

#102 Look At This Baby Goat, Aww

Image credits: Kronyzx

#103 My Grandfather Had A Red-Headed Woodpecker Land On His Leg

Image credits: A_Random_Sunstorm

#104 Super Excited To Hold Her New Brother

Image credits: NBD2016

#105 Lost My Hair For The 3rd Time Due To Chronic Alopecia. After Weeks Of Depression I Went To The Gym For Self Care

Image credits: KohanaCat

#106 Heard Meowing Under Our Porch A Week Ago. Now This Is How We Spend Our Mornings

Image credits: murderallthewookiees

#107 Today I Did My Bit

Image credits: Huor

#108 Our Son Gets To Finally Come Home After Spending A Month In NICU After He Was Born

Image credits: Angrynissen25

#109 Found The Instructions My Mom Wrote For 12-Year-Old Me For How To Get Doom Running

Image credits: SuperDuckQ

#110 My Mum Finally Escaped An Abusive Relationship And Found Herself A Little Place. No Furniture Yet But She Just Sent Me This And I’m So Proud

Image credits: _pixieonthemoon

#111 Today Was My Last Day Of Chemotherapy

Image credits: seashell1975

#112 Baby Bunny Who Slipped Into My Garage While The Door Was Open. Gently Removed And Placed Back In Shrubs With Siblings

Image credits: tuyaux1105

#113 Big Smiles From My Derpy Pup

Image credits: helzybellz

#114 This Is Awesome

Image credits: jasminecrowe

#115 2 Years Sober Today And My Dad Made Me This Cupcake

Image credits: LoveMeSomeGoodLife

#116 I Present To You My Lil Chönk. She Is Dressed Up As Her Favorite Toy. She Loves You

Image credits: JohnCenaJr

#117 Proud Of Myself. After Months Of Severe Depression And Anxiety, Followed By A Suicide Attempt And A Hospital Stay, I’ve Worked On It In Therapy And Now Have A New Job. Wish Me Luck

Image credits: reignthepain

#118 I Am A Big Brother With Big Brothers Big Sisters. Here Is The First Day I Met My Little Brother And The Day He Served As My Best Man – 6 Years Later

Image credits: Illhavethegabaghol

#119 Survived My Second Suicide Attempt And I Couldn’t Be Happier To Still Be Alive Today

Image credits: APuppyNamedGuppy

#120 I Have Autism Which Makes My Life Difficult, Some Of My Sensory Problems Are With Fabrics So I Keep My Bedding On For Weeks

My partner does the bedding when I leave the house to avoid upset. But today I put brand new fresh bedding on. 2 panic attacks later, I did it and I’m proud of myself

Image credits: Fast_Profit_2212

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