“If You’re Hiring, You Better Be Coming With Your A-Game” Post Shows The Truth About The Hiring Process

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on and the Great Resignation continues to cast a shadow on the labor market, employees arguably have a huge advantage in the job industry right now. Switching jobs or finding a new career path should, theoretically, be easier now more than ever because of how many offers, flexible work arrangements, and benefits packages are being offered.

That’s the topic that Robynn Storey wanted to discuss on LinkedIn. The post quickly went viral and spread elsewhere, as well. For instance, Reddit user u/LowPath448 shared it as well with the r/antiwork community, sparking an important discussion there, too.

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In the post, Robynn argues that any company that’s hiring has to bring their ‘A game’ because of all the options job candidates have elsewhere. In short, if you’re lowballing the offer and trying to trick the candidate, there’s an even greater risk than before that they’ll call you out on it. And you’ll be left with a vacant position that you can’t fill.

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Robynn explained that job applicants have a lot of options now, so companies that are hiring should bring their ‘A game’

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Very recently, I spoke to financial expert Sam Dogen, the founder of the Financial Samurai project, and he said that the job market is “very hot” right now.

“Employees have more options and more leverage,” he told Bored Panda that anyone who isn’t happy with their current place of work or conditions has plenty of options elsewhere. Though, of course, this can vary from sector to sector.

“If the workplace environment doesn’t improve after you bring up an issue, then most definitely look for a better fit elsewhere. Job hoppers are getting paid healthy premiums in this market,” Sam explained to me that moving from job to job can be advantageous and can be a way to raise your wage.

Meanwhile, career coach Jermaine Murray from JupiterHR gave me some useful advice that’s great for anyone who’s applying for a job and going to lots of interviews. He told Bored Panda that the greatest mistake that candidates and applicants make is not highlighting their accomplishments enough.

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“They humble themselves when they need to be boasting. If you understand why the work that you were doing was important and how it impacts your org (project) then you should be explaining that to the interviewer without holding back. How did you go above and beyond to make sure things worked? What creative ways did you come up with?” the career coach said. “Show off.”

According to Jermaine, our body language and tone of voice are vital for communicating our confidence during job interviews. They can make or break your application and you “always want to be perceived as confident and capable.” A lack of confidence, on the other hand, can harm your chances of landing the job.

“If your body language or tone says otherwise, you destroy the perception of your skills. Once that’s gone so are your chances of landing the job,” he warned.

“You can teach someone to be a better coder but it’s near impossible to teach them how to be a better person. Recruiters will always value personality first, but technical skills are a very close second,” he explained what recruiters value most.

“Hiring managers keep that in mind and try to make sure candidates they like can perform competently. Different things contribute to this bar that aren’t based on the candidate but the organization’s internal ability to support and develop someone. Once those two elements are present a hire will happen.”

Here’s what some Reddit users from r/antiwork had to say on the topic

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