Ikea Breaks Into Wellness Space with New Air Purifier

Didn’t see this one coming: Ikea has now moved into the wellness space with today’s launch of their new Förnuftig air purifier.

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Roughly the size of a briefcase, the 12″ x 18″ object can be wall-mounted or placed in a stand.

Notably, the description doesn’t say anything about COVID:

FÖRNUFTIG is designed with different filters that remove all big and smaller airborne particles (hair, dust, but also pollen e.g), and also purifies the air from various gaseous pollutants while reducing unpleasant odors from smoking and cooking.

The FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier is meant for small space living, easy to use, versatile as it can be on the floor or wall mounted, and has a significantly low energy consumption, with a low running cost for the customer.

It’s pretty affordable at just $55. The gas filter (the black one in the photos) runs $10, and the particle filter (the white one) runs $5.50.

Source: core77

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