IKEA RUMTID Collection Explores Martian Decor

IKEA RUMTID Collection Explores Martian Decor

All “Space Force” jokes aside, the science being researched at NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station in Utah is rather serious business, and will undoubtedly result in numerous unforeseen innovations over the years. On the forefront of actual missions to Mars, IKEA will be releasing four different micro-collections under the moniker of the RUMTID collection, each piece inspired by the environmental, small space living research explored for future Martian expeditions.

The IKEA design team visited the NASA Mars Desert Research Station in Utah for data and inspiration about the “high-tech, efficient way(s) of using our natural resources”.

“We want to learn from extreme scenarios and connect them back to Earth, focusing on urbanization and small space living”, says IKEA designer Siri Skillgate (whose work has previously looked out into the great vacuum of space for inspiration), “In Tokyo, there’s a literal built-in thinking around small space living that allows for modularity and mobility. We felt really inspired by all of the interesting solutions in people’s homes and at the capsule hotels – in particularly when it comes to storage.”

Each collection is categorized under the concepts of Time, Small Space, Water, and Air, entirely suited for more earthly habitats, with lightweight modularity and sustainability emphasized.

A planter terrarium

One of the more innovative developments from the IKEA team under the creative leadership of Michael Nikolic was the introduction of a new lightweight material made of veneer rolled into hollow tubes, inspired by the insubstantial, yet strong materials utilized by NASA for a variety of structures. Instead of using the material for building geodesic living quarters to keep the unfriendly climes of Martian’s harsh elements at bay, IKEA designers utilize the tubes in a variety of lengths and clamping them together to build home furnishings easily and sustainably.

Sharing further similarities with the planned mission to Mars, the IKEA RUMTID collections won’t be released until sometime around the beginning of 2020, offering everyone time to start accessorizing their Martian modules accordingly.

Source: design-milk

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