Illuminate Your Subjects with the Best Continuous Lighting Kits for Photography

Lighting is a vital component of photography, which is why there is a sea of lighting options out there. For amateur photographers and videographers, the selection can be overwhelming. That’s where lighting kits come in, supplying a range of basic tools that will work well together. Continuous lighting kits, as their name implies, emit constant light, allowing photographers to easily make adjustments before snapping the shot. Continuous lighting is best for still life, studio work, and portraits, and obviously, it’s what you need for video as well. Beyond bulbs, most kits offer umbrellas or softboxes for evenly distributing light; these can make an immediate difference in your shots, even if you have little technical knowhow. If it’s time to shine a light on your photographic projects, take a look at our top five recommendations for kits below.


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