I'm Not Zelda! – He's Making The Ganondorf Face Again

I´m Not Zelda! by Gerkyart

For some reason people are constantly calling Link by the name of his lady love Zelda, and it’s about time somebody educated the public about proper character naming and guys vs girls names- before Link blows his top! Zelda sounds like a girl’s name and it is, Link doesn’t sound like a name but it does sound more like something you’d call a boy than a girl, so why do people still refer to the Legend by his love’s name? Apparently some people are doing it to Troll poor Link, but if they don’t stop soon the Legend is going to shove his Master Sword where the sun don’t shine!

Help end the practice of calling Link by his lady love’s name with this I’m Not Zelda! t-shirt by Gerkyart, it’s a surefire way to make people smile when they spot you out in the wild.

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