<i>Miniwood</i> is Like a Little Toy Hollywood

You will recognize quite a few of your favorite Hollywood films in this movie tribute from Yeti Pictures animation studio, even though they only take a few seconds each. These vignettes have a tilt-shift look, making the sets look even smaller for the toys used in recreating the movies as we watch twisted scenes from The Exorcist, King Kong, Jurassic Park, The Addams family, Kill Bill, and Terminator 2. You might think this is stop-motion animation using miniatures, but you’d be wrong. Miniwood is entirely digital! It does seem a bit strange to use computer generated graphics, which can do anything, to recreate the labor-intensive yet unrealistic style of stop motion, but you can’t argue that too much because the result is downright adorable. Yeah, stop motion is not realistic, but we like it, even when it is digitally created. -via Nag on the Lake   

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Source: neatorama

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