In a New Music Video, Lilli Carré Animates the Beauty of Transitional Moments with Gouache

Thick, expressive brushstrokes come alive in the form of slithering snakes, cascading vines, and leaping goats in the music video for “Sunever,” a track featured on singer-songwriter Chris Cohen’s newest album concordantly titled Paint a Room. Los Angeles-based artist Lilli Carré meticulously animated each frame with gouache on paper, compiling immense stacks of painted compositions into seamless movement.

Beings and objects morph into one another throughout the video as Cohen’s lyrics and Carré’s visuals call to the beauty of different phases, transitional moments, and fluid reshaping that we experience as we grow and walk through life. A description of the song on Bandcamp explains, “Cohen wrote “Sunever” for a transgender child in his life, while considering the violence that hard-and-fast categories can create. This song reminds us that we are “always in between,” that transitions are just a part of life. With the hook, he sweetly sings his vow: “You’re gonna find a way.”

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Paint a Room is set to release on July 12. Follow Cohen on Instagram for updates, and find more of Carré’s work on her website, Vimeo, and Instagram.


flowers sprout from a figure's face

a rear-view mirror in a car shows the eyes of a goat and a tree air freshener

a man kneels on all fours as a ladder is propped up on top of him. a goat climbs down the ladder.

a vine climbs a red ladder

a human figure kneels on all fours while a goat stands atop


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