In Defense of Those Useless Giant Pandas

Thirty years ago or so, the world went crazy for giant pandas. They were designated as an endangered species in 1990, and suddenly everyone wanted to save the giant panda, or at least see one before they were gone. Eventually, some folks started wondering if giant pandas were really worth all the trouble. Who ever heard of a bear that’s a picky eater? They didn’t even reproduce well, or so we thought. They look unnatural and couldn’t hide anywhere with that coloring. Giant pandas began to be seen as cute, but lazy and useless. But is that a reason to not save a species? SciShow rises to the occasion and tells us how pandas are actually pretty good at what they do. It’s our fault that their environmental niche is diminishing, so they probably see us as evil and useless and not worth saving. This video has a 70-second skippable ad at 2:42.

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Source: neatorama

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