In Portugal Red House To Stand Out

Lisbon-based firm Rebelo De Andrade designed this bright red house to stand out amid the vast, uniform landscape of southern Portugal.
This is ‘House 3000’ located on a 500 hectare plot populated with scores of cork trees — a constant terrain that, as architect Luís Rebelo De Andrade found when first visiting the site, is particularly difficult to navigate.

The area’s lack of reference points directly informed Rebelo De Andrade’s design of the house, which stands as a vibrant beacon among the trees. The ‘overwhelmingly visible’ structure is defined by its bold gable roof, while the windows and doors appear as geometric cutouts of the façade. while these elements may seem like a childlike representation of a house, the dwelling’s simplicity is also based on shared romantic imagery regarding rural domestic living.
The residence, as well as the adjacent farm building, was designed to be built quickly and cost effectively. the project also prioritizes environmentally sustainable practices with solar panels and thermal collectors that produce more energy than the house consumes.


Photos by Carlos Cezanne and João Guimarães – JG photography

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