In Turkey: A “Ball of Light” Spotted In The Sky

At around 8:30 PM (local time) on May 27, residents of northern Turkey spotted a “ball of light” quickly descending in the sky. Suddenly, the fireball exploded in the air with a loud sound. The fireball was spotted across different cities and provinces.

It’s an amazing sight, filmed from multiple angles, clearly showing that the object exploded at a significant altitude. It’s not yet confirmed that the object was a meteor, but news outlet Hürriyet reports that meteorologists have assessed it as what we’d expect from a “meteor shower”.

In addition, this behaviour is extremely consistent with space rocks that have the misfortune to enter Earth’s atmosphere. That’s because most meteors that reach our planet’s atmosphere don’t actually make it to the ground; not intact, at any rate.

ScienceAlert compiles various clips of the fireball. Check them out over at the site.

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(Image Credit: @Coronabilgi/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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