Incredible Plane Crash Footage Captured By Dashcam

Imagine you’re driving down a crowded street in the suburbs of Seattle when you see a small plane drop out of the sky and crash in a ball of flames in front of you.

You’d probably flip the hell out, maybe call a friend and tell them about what you just saw, but would any of them really believe you?

Probably not, but thanks to his dashcam Guangting Li was able to capture the incredible scene on video as a Piper PA3 crashed on the streets of Mukilteo, Washington.  

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Here’s how it all went down:

The single-engine Piper PA3 had just taken off from the nearby Paine Field, around 30 miles north of downtown Seattle. According to the FAA’s description to local news, the plane started losing power just after takeoff and the pilot couldn’t restart the engine.

Faced with a no-win scenario, the pilot saw a clear and open emergency runway in the form of Harbour Pointe Boulevard and took the plane down. While around 9,000 people lost power in the area, that there were no injuries speaks to the fact that the pilot made the right call.

And here’s the ASN report, in case you’re skeptical.

-Via Popular Mechanics

Source: neatorama

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