Incredible Wearable Device Can Read to the Visually Imparied, Recognize Faces and Objects

Orcam is an Israeli tech company with an incredible product: The MyEye, a diminutive AI-driven device that magnetically attaches to eyeglasses and can read to the visually impaired. It can also recognize faces and objects, announcing them on request (i.e. “What’s in front of me?” “Two doors, one on the left, one on the right” or “Bill Carter”). A small speaker near your ear plays the audio, or you can opt to have the sound piped into earbuds or headphones.

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Here’s how it plays out:

It’s even more impressive considering it doesn’t require an internet connection—everything is processed within the device itself.

In addition to changing the lives of blind people, I believe this device should appeal greatly to seniors. My own vision is deteriorating due to age, and while I’m not legally blind, I could use a device like this to read labels and price tags in stores. One thing they didn’t show in the video is that the MyEye can also be asked to search a body of text for a particular word—say, “ibuprofen”—and it can find it. And the putting-a-name-to-a-face feature would come in awfully handy for many of us.

Source: core77

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