Incredibly Cool Gadgets Actually Worth Buying

There are so many gadgets out there designed to help “improve our lives” that it’s hard to tell which ones are worth buying and which are simply a waste of money.

And you can’t ask just anyone for advice on which gadgets are worth buying because people are often persuaded to buy garbage gadgets based on brand names or recommendations from their own circle of friends.

So if you’re a gadget lover like me then you’ll want to check out this video by TechZone, which is full of cool stuff actually worth buying, like the Meiosis backpack

The rugged polygons are attached to an elastic fabric, to enable both suppleness and rigidity as needed.

Like a sliced mango, the surface morphology enables the opening and closure of the bag.

The geodesic structure also keeps the bag full and firm, even when empty.

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Source: neatorama

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