Incredibly detail metallic replicas of cellular structures and tiny fossils

D. Allan Drummond is an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at The University of Chicago, where he also runs the Drummond Lab. When he’s not busy being a scientist, he translates his interests in evolution and molecular biology into art.

Drummond uses a variety of materials to create replicas of everything from cellular structures to the tiniest of fossilized remains. To make the replicas, Drummond employs multiple methods and usually starts with 3D models and ands lost-wax casting in bronze. The replicas feature an incredibly level of detail, even capturing mitochondria in cell division models.

Talking about the minute details, Drummond says, “The details go all the way down, remaining absorbing and also consequential, worth knowing about and studying. That sensation of unexpectedly interesting detail is what I try to capture in my sculpture.

Check out some of his sculptures below and find more in-progress and complete pieces on Instagram.



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