Indonesian Fish Farmer Captures the Beauty of Aquaculture in Photos

A year ago, he was working in a cigarette factory, but now Yafie Achmad is surrounded by Indonesia’s natural beauty at his new job as a fish farmer. He celebrates his love for the new gig by photographing the stunning moments in his everyday routine

His Instagram is filled with images of plants, people, and wildlife in his home of Yogyakrta, Indonesia. Whether its a snake, a crustacean, or a friend spitting fire, Achmad has a knack for catching subjects at their most captivating. One of his most memorable images is the jaw-dropping sight of 15,000 tilapia surging through the net as he transports them to another pond. Lately he’s been posting mesmerizing videos of the fish going about their lives.

Achmad runs a no-budget operation, shooting on a Xiaomi mi4c smartphone and editing mostly in the Snapseed app. He’s a self-taught photographer fueled by passion for his subject matter. “I just love aquaculture,” he tells Creators. “I take these photos because it’s fun for me.” 

Check out more of his work below:

See more of Yafie Achmad’s photos here, and follow Creators on Instagram to find your next favorite artist.


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