Indonesian Sky Turns Blood Red Due To Haze

Indonesia — Skies over the Jambi Province turned red over the weekend due to the widespread forest fires that rage over huge parts of the country. A resident of the province, who took photos of the sky, stated that the haze “hurt her eyes and throat.”

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Every year, fires in Indonesia create a smoky haze that can end up blanketing the entire South East Asian region.

A meteorology expert told the BBC the unusual sky was caused by a phenomenon known as Rayleigh scattering.

Eka Wulandari, from the Mekar Sari village in Jambi province, captured the blood-red skies in a series of photos taken at around midday on Saturday.

The haze conditions had been especially “thick that [day]”, she said.

(Image Credit: Eka Wulandari)

Source: neatorama

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