Industrial Design Firm Mashes Up the Mandalorian, Iron Man, Porcelain and Bronze

Discommon, a South-Carolina-based industrial design firm, knows that you can’t just do client work all the time; sometimes you just need to have fun. Which is why they created this bizarre object, and took the trouble to get it into production:

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It all started with a Midjourney AI output that we saw online. A series of iconic helmet pictures that looked like porcelain. Our curiosity ignited a social daring experiment – the exploration of AI into reality. In hindsight, it might’ve been as audacious as challenging a Wookiee to a morning shave.

Step 1: We don’t want sued by Disney or Marvel, so what will we do?

Step 2: Gosh, Mandalorian helmets have a pretty similar structure to Iron Man – let’s model a helmet shape from scratch, influenced by both.

Step 3: Disappear down a HOLE with 2 brilliant graphic designers to make all the art from scratch (hunt for Easter Eggs in the art!)

Step 4: Plead with one of China’s oldest porcelain factories to cut a mold and make the weirdest thing they have ever made.

They’re also doing a small batch of this cray Bronze Edition:

The Porcelain Helmet No. 1 runs $750, and the Bronze Edition is a cool $2,500.

Source: core77

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