Industrial Design Student Work: María Ruiz Cozcolluela's Multipurpose Furniture Unit

This Kami furniture piece is by María Ruiz Cozcolluela, done as her Industrial Design Masters thesis at Switzerland’s University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The concept is intended to start out as children’s furniture, but to offer new utility and thus remain relevant as the child grows.

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Assembly is simple, as the unit consists of relatively few parts:

“Kami is a versatile furniture system that adapts to the different needs of a family and grows along with the children. The system is designed to allow that its elements can be rearranged in different positions. It can be used as a toy box, children’s shelf, changing table, children’s table, desk, wardrobe or as a shoe rack. “

The idea of having different modules that can plug into the frame, to increase the piece’s longevity, is a good one; I could see Ikea selling a version of this.

Source: core77

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