Industrial Design Student Work: Ümithan Üçok's Sneaker Packaging Doubles as Shoe Ramp

This package design for sneakers was designed by Ümithan Üçok, an Industrial Design student at Turkey’s Atilim University.

“RamPack shoe packaging was developed to prevent throwing away shoeboxes immediately after purchasing. It functions as a shoe carrier and also a storage box, thus extending the life of the shoe packaging.”

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“RamPack has paper rope handles for carrying so it can be transported without the need for an additional carrier bag. The handles are connected to the lid of the box and a recess in the lid prevents them from getting in the way during stacking. The green cover is removed in order to try on the shoes.

“After the RamPack is purchased, the box turns into a shoe ramp by tearing away the green coloured parts. This allows the shoes to be stored more efficiently at home.”

I’m not sure how well this would do on a pallet…

…but I think it wouldn’t be difficult for Üçok to re-work the concept within a more rectilinear, pallet-friendly form. Either way, I like the concept.

Source: core77

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